Shinzo Abe of Japan Congratulates Donald Trump: Japan and Russian Federation Relations

Shinzo Abe of Japan Congratulates Donald Trump: Japan and Russian Federation Relations

Sawako Uchida and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The victory of Donald Trump in America took many people by surprise because international predictions had pointed to a victory for Hillary Clinton. Yet, just like the election in the United Kingdom that seemed set to rubber stamp the European Union, the opposite happened. In other words, the established political elites are being told to be on guard because a sizeable part of the electorate is fed up with the same agenda. Therefore, once it was announced that Trump had emerged victorious then Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan, immediately sent his congratulations even if tinged with uncertainty in the area of trade tariffs and agreements.

However, the one area of positivity for Japan is that relations with the Russian Federation should develop to a much higher level. After all, the anti-Russian Federation rhetoric of Clinton threatened to derail the future objectives of the Abe government. Given this reality, the Trump victory promises to further boost the options available between Japan and the Russian Federation.

It is known that Japan, rather than the Russian Federation, is firmly focused on the territorial issue between both nations that will provide a favorable agreement for political elites in Tokyo. Despite this, Abe is pragmatic and he knows that the Russian Federation is looking for trust, greater economic integration, and deals between both nations prior to focusing on the territorial issue.

Yet, with no anti-Russian Federation rhetoric of Clinton to get in the way – and with Trump promising to focus on positive relations between Washington and Moscow – then the dark days of President Obama are nearly over. This is based on Obama extending the reach of NATO to the borders of the Russian Federation based on greater militarization, unfair economic sanctions that G-7 nations rubber stamped, endless negative rhetoric against President Vladimir Putin, backing various sectarian forces in Syria in complete opposition to the Russian Federation who supports the central government of this nation, and other negative realities all aimed at undermining the political elites based in Moscow. Therefore, a new Trump America promises a new positive chapter with the Russian Federation and this, in turn, will boost initiatives being taken by Abe towards Putin.

Abe congratulated Trump and said, Japan and the United States are unwavering allies tied firmly with the bond of universal values such as freedom, democracy, basic human rights, and the rule of law.”

Abe further stated, I very much look forward to closely cooperating with you to further strengthen the bond of the Japan-U.S. Alliance, as well as for our two countries to play leading roles for assuring peace and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region.”

It remains to be seen if America will put new economic demands on Japan based on equality and mutual interests that serve both nations once Trump takes office. Irrespective of this, new positive developments between America and the Russian Federation will free Abe from the negative clutches of Obama and Clinton. In this sense, the victory of Trump bodes well for strengthening ties between Japan and the Russian Federation.


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