Election in Germany witnesses the same Chancellor Merkel but new indigenous AfD reality

Election in Germany witnesses the same Chancellor Merkel but new indigenous AfD reality

Helmet Joachim Schmidt, Chika Mori, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The election in Germany witnessed the same Chancellor Angela Merkel being returned to power based on forming a future coalition. Yet, her power and multi-cultural target for altering the ethnic and religious landscape of Germany took a huge hit. This is based on the showing of the anti-immigrant political party called the Alternative for Germany (AfD) that seeks to preserve the social fabric of this nation.

Reports in the mass media state “surge of the far right” but this is extremely misleading. After all, in the United Kingdom, many people who voted for UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) during the European vote – then turned to the most socialist leader of the Labour Party in decades during the general election. Hence, many individuals who voted for the AfD will come from a broad spectrum of political beliefs with the binding factor being mass immigration.

Reuters reports, The anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) stunned the establishment by winning 13.1 percent of the vote, projected results showed, a result that will bring a far-right party into parliament for the first time in more than half a century.”

Merkel will try to put a shine on the election result but the fact is that the projected 32 to 33 percent of the final vote is shoddy, to say the least. Likewise, the Social Democrat rivals of the ruling party faltered to a paltry 20.8 percent. In other words, the two leading parties that have controlled Germany since World War Two could only muster slightly more than 50 percent of the vote between them.

Undoubtedly, Merkel will lead Germany once more but this time the coalition looks extremely shaky. Yet, Merkel put a brave face on and said, Of course we had hoped for a slightly better result. But we mustn’t forget that we have just completed an extraordinarily challenging legislative period, so I am happy that we reached the strategic goals of our election campaign.” 

Ironically, the politically correct and Merkel will decry alleged Islamophobia – yet, since Sharia Islamic law supports killing apostates and denies the equality of non-Muslims and women – then “phobia” is inappropriate. After all, in certain parts of the Middle East religious minorities including the Alawites, Coptic Christians, Shabaks, Yazidis, various different Christian sects, the Shia, and others, all face religious persecution, institutional discrimination, massacres, terrorist attacks, and other mass negatives at the hands of Sunni Islamism. However, despite this disturbing reality, it is abundantly clear that Germany is opening the door to Sunni Islamist forces that seek to alter the European landscape based on mass immigration, spreading indoctrination, the changing demographics, and other sinister forces. Therefore, the AfD built into the changing landscape and appealed to many ordinary German nationals who feel abandoned and marginalized by the rapid speed of mass immigration – and perceived Islamization.

Merkel is joining the exclusive club of Konrad Adenauer and Helmet Kohl when it comes to winning national elections in Germany on four occasions. Yet, unlike Adenauer and Kohl, the leadership of Merkel will now be remembered for the individual who opened up the political system to the far right based on naïve and anti-German policies. Hence, Merkel will be hoping that this election is just a blip and not a genuine altering of the political landscape in Germany. However, this may be wishful thinking on behalf of Merkel because current divisions in society appear set to grow unless Merkel alters course in relation to mass immigration.


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