Poetry – The Kingfisher Dies

Poetry – The kingfisher dies

I walked around this world in a haze
Not knowing, nor seeking, the falsehood of another faith or culture
After all, the kingfisher flew and dived

Then a patter could be felt
It was like the greatest mountain unspoiled by this brutal world
Suddenly, my heart danced to another tune

All around time seemed to stand still
Ghosts of family members, young and old, seemed static and in a new dream
Yet, the unspoiled mountain couldn’t take one day of the strongest heat

Then suddenly, the kingfisher died
Blood began to emerge and waiting for me to unite
Yet, nothing left, nothing to unite, all beauty had gone and faded

by Lee Jay Walker

https://fineartamerica.com/featured/hidden-gem-of-blackley-forest-in-manchester-sawako-utsumi.html Hidden Gem of Blackley Forest by Sawako Utsumi

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