EU and US Knew About Saudi Guards Killing Ethiopians but Kept Silent

EU and US Knew About Saudi Guards Killing Ethiopians but Kept Silent

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

America and the European Union – according to the New York Times – knew that the border guards of Saudi Arabia were killing Ethiopians (and other Africans) in late 2O22. However, respective geopolitical issues annulled human rights in the corridors of power in America, France, Germany, Holland, and Sweden (European Union officials also knew).

The border guards of Saudi Arabia – a nation where all non-Muslim holy places are banned and where slavery only ended in the 1960s – reportedly killed hundreds of Ethiopians.

Human Rights Watch reports the words of Hamdiya (14 years old): “We were fired on repeatedly. I saw people killed in a way I have never imagined. I saw 30 killed people on the spot. I pushed myself under a rock and slept there. I could feel people sleeping around me. I realized what I thought were people sleeping around me were actually dead bodies. I woke up and I was alone.”

The New York Times claims that the United Nations notified America – and presumably, the European Union – about Ethiopian asylum seekers being brutally killed by the border guards of Saudi Arabia.

The Times of Israel reports, “US diplomats received news of the killings in the fall of 2022, and got additional information in December from United Nations officials at a briefing, The New York Times reported, citing anonymous US officials present at the meeting who could not be named, as they did not have permission to talk to the media.”

Human Rights Watch said: “Saudi border guards have used explosive weapons and shot people at close range, including women and children, in a pattern that is widespread and systematic. If committed as part of a Saudi government policy to murder migrants, these killings would be a crime against humanity.” 

France 24 said: “Over the past few months, reports have been mounting of grievous violations on the migration track known as the “Eastern Route” or the “Yemeni Route”, which runs from the Horn of Africa, across the Gulf of Aden, through Yemen and into Saudi Arabia.”

President Joe Biden utilized race to become elected – and Biden continues to play the race card in America. However, similar to keeping silent about this issue – along with the European Union – America is also encouraging Indonesia to militarize (Indonesia continues to persecute the dark-skinned Papuans of West Papua). Therefore, it highlights the complete hypocrisy of the Biden administration and the European Union.

Nadia Hardman (HRW – lead author of the report) said: “What we documented are essentially mass killings.”

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida also recently met the elites of Saudi Arabia. However, his human rights are fixated on China and the Russian Federation.

The African Union, Ethiopia, and others in Africa must speak out.

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