France points the finger at Turkey for allying with ISIS during NATO talks

France points the finger at Turkey for allying with ISIS during NATO talks

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

President Emmanuel Macron of France didn’t mince his words in relation to Turkey and its tacit support of working with ISIS (Islamic State – IS) proxies. This is far from the ideal of what NATO is meant to be about. Instead, apart from Macron, other leading NATO nations have been too quiet about the linkage between Turkey and ISIS – and Turkey’s support of other Islamist and mercenary groups in Syria.

Macron rightly pointed out the reality on the ground in Northern Syria that shames NATO. Equally, France is deeply concerned about Turkey’s procurement of advanced military equipment from the Russian Federation.

The leader of France uttered, When I look at Turkey they are fighting against those who fought with us shoulder to shoulder against ISIS (Islamic State) and sometimes they work with ISIS proxies.”

Macron continued, “I think any ambiguity with Turkey vis-a-vis these groups is detrimental to everybody for the situation on the ground.”

Indeed, it is shocking that nations including America and the United Kingdom – and other NATO members – are so meek in their actions against Turkey. After all, the distrust of NATO is further increasing based on the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Kurds and other groups – including Christians – in Northern Syria.

This fact is based on the deeds of Turkey under President Tayyip Erdogan. Not only this, internally in Turkey vast numbers of people have been arrested for supporting various causes. Equally important, many opposition politicians and journalists have faced the wrath of Erdogan. Therefore, the deeds and images of Turkey are extremely detrimental to NATO and this also includes the continuing occupation of Northern Cyprus.

Macron is brave enough to tackle this issue openly unlike other leading political figures in NATO. The leader of France uttered, “The number one (priority) is not to be ambiguous with these groups, which is why we started to discuss our relations with Turkey.”

The Guardian reports, “Macron on Tuesday repeatedly warned that Isis was making a comeback in Syria because of the Turkish invasion since it had weakened the mainly Kurdish Syrian Defense Forces, including the YPD fighters, that have formed the backbone of the fight against Isis. At one point Macron accused Turkey of sometimes working with Isis proxies.”

Overall, it is abundantly clear that Macron is speaking the language of many people who are seething about events in Northern Syria.


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