Japanese Art and Poetry: Typhoons and earthquakes take asunder to this cold earth

Japanese Art and Poetry: Typhoons and earthquakes take asunder to this cold earth

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

In a flash, all love that was embraced was over

The beauty of the child, the lady, the male, the grandparents, all gone

No time to say goodbye or to protect


The chanting Buddha, the prayer to Christ, the longing of the Shinto spirit

I reached out but only a silent grave remained

Yes, tears embraced but only nothingness met my pain

Questions of why seem so pointless because this world can be so bitter

Trying to remember glimpses of love and joy but my soul felt so destroyed

Hence, in a brief moment, all chaos took away everything I held dear


Now I no longer fear this cold world because my heart can’t fall any further

The days will pass, the months will tick, and the years will follow

Despite this, I no longer wait for tomorrow

If this world meant anything before it now means only this cold earth

Soon to be erased like my birth in the moments of time

Therefore, no time to say farewell because my beloved fell all alone


In time, a ray of sunshine may appear but it will soon disappear

For my heart can’t be repaired, nor can my loved one reappear

Instead, all is lost in a moment of utter natural calamity

Hence, my remaining time is like one endless fog

While my loved one waits in this cold earth

Therefore, tears and loathing of this world remain based on my utter disdain


Only the loneliness of fear met her final moments on this earth

The typhoons are crushing souls, while earthquakes swallow up life

She reached out but nobody could help during her remaining seconds of twisted pain

Instead, the cycle of life came to nothingness

The Buddhists chant, the Christians cross, the followers of Shinto pray

Yet, for me, words and solace are empty because death swept my loved one away!

Art by Sawako Utsumi http://sawakoart.com


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