France to Form a National Guard in Order to Assist against Sunni Islamist Terrorists

France to Form a National Guard in Order to Assist against Sunni Islamist Terrorists

Walter Sebastian, Michiyo Tanabe, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


President Francois Hollande of France is clearly feeling the pressure internally because the flow of Sunni Islamist terrorism isn’t ending. At the same time, the security forces and central government must be seen to be taking a new stance based on past errors. Therefore, Hollande announced that a National Guard would be created in order to assist the people of France and the nation state.

According to information, the National Guard will be created from the reserve forces that already exist. It is believed that over 2,500 individuals have already contacted about the new force.

The structure of the new National Guard will be discussed and ready for implementation within a relatively short time. This reality will become known after issues are ironed out at a “defense council” early next month.

If everything comes to fruition, then this force will be heavily dependent on volunteers within the professions of the military, paramilitary police units and members of the police. Hopefully, according to reports, this new National Guard will be operational this autumn.

It is abundantly clear that many French nationals feel a sense of crisis based on endless Sunni Islamist Takfiri terrorist attacks. Not only this, often news about individual terrorists usually states certain failures within the security apparatus. Equally important, the legal system seems to be over focused on the rights of suspected Sunni Islamist terrorists – or individuals of high concern.

Other areas must be tackled head on and this includes the role of Sunni Islamist clerics espousing hatred, Salafi bookstores, the role of Gulf petrodollars – and other important areas, including why France involved itself with anti-Secular and pro-Sunni Islamist sectarian forces in Syria.

Irrespective of how people perceive Hollande, be it negative or positive, he at least appears to be taking the issue seriously unlike Chancellor Merkel in Germany.


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