Nice Holiday for Merkel during Death and Terror in Germany, then says No Refugee Change

Nice Holiday for Merkel during Death and Terror in Germany, then says No Refugee Change

Murad Makhmudov, Sawako Uchida, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Chancellor Merkel had a delightful holiday while Germany was beset by several barbaric attacks that killed many people. Like usual, just like other political correct politicians who reside in wealthy homes, her first priority is to tell the world that Germany will stand by so-called refugees.

Of course, the leader of Germany knows that many are not refugees – for example, many German women assaulted in Cologne were abused by North Africans from nations where no war exist. Equally, it is absurd to claim that Germany should give wealthy Gulf nations, and other nations including China and Japan, a free ride. However, for Merkel, who cares so little about events in Germany that she couldn’t be bothered to visit places attacked because of her peaceful holiday, then clearly the internal crisis in Germany is secondary.

In other words, the recent brutal axe attack, knife attack, shooting massacre and suicide bombing by individuals claiming asylum (or one case involving immigration) in Germany – just like ratlines that are enabling terrorists to freely move around the European Union based on ultra liberal laws and Merkel’s “come on in policy,” shouldn’t concern the general public. Merkel says this with a straight face despite negating her responsibility during a very traumatic period. After all, having a nice holiday is much more important based on the decision she made.

Unlike Merkel, some German politicians are alarmed by the situation and seek to calm the situation based on considering the German people, while acting responsibly towards genuine refugees. Joachim Herrmann, Christian Social Union political party, says, “Islamist terrorism has unfortunately arrived in Bavaria.”

Also, Herrmann seeks a balanced asylum policy based on an upper limit and focusing on genuine refugees. He says, “We are awaiting urgent action from the federal government and Europe – now is the time to act.”

It seems that the people of Germany must accept Merkel’s experiment at all costs based on her aloof approach and lack of concern for the excesses that it is creating. In other words, suicide attacks and stabbing people at random on trains will gradually resolve itself because for Merkel it is business like usual. However, for the individuals killed, just like females who will endlessly suffer from the trauma of Cologne and other events like this that hit other cities, then the reality is a million miles apart from the rich politically correct world of Merkel.

Indeed, not only miles apart – but given her holiday, then these barbaric excesses are immaterial because for Merkel she seeks to alter the cultural, ethnic, religious, and thought pattern landscape of Germany forever.


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