Hindus and the Buddhist Mro Tribe are fleeing ARSA Islamists in Myanmar: Eye of Yazidis

Hindus and the Buddhist Mro Tribe are fleeing ARSA Islamists in Myanmar: Eye of Yazidis

Chika Mori and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The mass media is adept at mass generalizations and this certainly applies to the complex reality of Myanmar. Hence, the endless one-sided and pro-Muslim Rohingya mantra is spread – often, with little reality on the ground. Therefore, the plight of a small, mainly Buddhist tribe of the Mro, fleeing Islamists of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) sums up this reality perfectly.

In other words, just like Yazidis have been enslaved and raped by Sunni Islamists in Iraq, and the same Sunni Islamist Takfiri virus stating “Alawites to the grave, Christians to Beirut” in Syria, then the small mainly Buddhist tribe of the Mro equally face Islamist cleansing. Yet, if mass media corporations seek to be believed, then surely the Islamists of ARSA would be solely focused on the armed forces of Myanmar in order to protect the Muslim Rohingya. Instead, just like in Iraq where Sunni Islamists target Yazidis and other minorities who have no power – nor have persecuted Sunni Muslims – it seems that ARSA is following the Islamist mantra of cleansing, killing, and persecuting.

Therefore, ARSA is threatening the small mainly Buddhist tribe of the Mro who number between 20,000 and 40,000 people. At the same time, Hindus caught in the path of ARSA also face the Islamist sword. Hence, some Rohingya Muslims oppose ARSA terrorism despite being against central forces – just like vast numbers of Sunni Muslims remain loyal to the government of Syria against various Sunni Islamist Takfiri forces. Equally important, with ARSA being intent on cleansing and killing minorities – then anti-Muslim sentiments will further grow and lead to greater sectarianism.

AFP (France 24) reports, San Tun said many of his Mro people — who number between 20,000 and 40,000 — had to leave everything behind as they sought sanctuary in government-held areas, fearful Rohingya militants would target them again.”

The rising tide of Islamist militancy can be witnessed in the murder of Hindus in this part of Myanmar. Of course, for Hindus who have been cleansed and persecuted in Pakistan and who now face growing pressure in Bangladesh – witnessed in the declining percentage of this religious community – then facing death at the hands of ARSA Islamists in Myanmar is following a familiar path. Therefore, over 11,000 non-Muslims of various ethnic and religious groups are fleeing to the safety of government held areas.

In another article by Modern Tokyo Times, it was reported, “It is known that in the latest attack by the Rohingya that they once more showed the sectarian nature of this conflict, on top of ethnic issues. This is visible by the killing of Hindus by Muslims belonging to ARSA. Equally disturbing, it is known that monasteries were targeted – just like Sunni Islamists in various nations target Shia mosques in parts of Asia and the Middle East.” 

The Global New Light of Myanmar, reports on Muslims from the Maungni Village who oppose ARSA terrorism. This outlet states, Our villagers are on alert around the clock to arrest terrorists in our village. We all don’t want terrorism.” 

It is abundantly clear that the central government of Myanmar faces countless ethnic and religious issues – along with a major narcotics problem that boosts various military militias. Similarly, killings have happened on all sides – just like in all wars and conflicts. However, in recent times it is Islamists in this part of Myanmar that have launched military attacks against central forces.

Meanwhile, tensions remain in many parts of Myanmar based on the complex ethnic and religious angle of this nation. Hence, the Rohingya problem is one of many in this nation. Therefore, it is essential that central forces reach out to the Muslim Rohingya and address many concerns – likewise, Rohingya Muslims need to root out terrorists belonging to the ARSA.

It is equally important for the mass media to address the persecution of small ethnic tribes and the murder of Hindus at the hands of ARSA terrorists. After all, just like the Yazidis in Iraq, what did the mainly Buddhists of the Mro tribe do to Rohingya Muslims apart from being non-Muslim? Likewise, what is raping and enslaving Yazidis in Iraq to do with fighting the central government or Western intrigues?




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