Russia says America must open dialogue with North Korea: Japan and South Korea

Russia says America must open dialogue with North Korea: Japan and South Korea

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker 

Modern Tokyo Times

President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation warned ominously that a large-scale military conflict could erupt based on bellicose posturing – in relation to tensions between America and North Korea. Equally, Putin made it abundantly clear that pre-conditions on North Korea, without anything in return, is unfeasible. Therefore, the leader of the Russian Federation is calling for America to begin talks with North Korea in order to reduce tensions and focus on ways to alter the negative dynamics.

Putin said, It is essential to resolve the region’s problems through direct dialogue involving all sides without advancing any preconditions (for such talks).”

If the current situation continues to be extremely volatile based on military posturing of the two main protagonists, then it is more than feasible that a major conflict could erupt on the Korean Peninsula, according to Putin. Hence, large-scale casualties would probably occur throughout the Korean Peninsula and the nation of Japan.

Putin continued by stating, In Russia’s opinion the calculation that it is possible to halt North Korea’s nuclear missile programs exclusively by putting pressure on Pyongyang is erroneous and futile.” 

Instead, the roadmap to reducing tensions, according to China and the Russian Federation, is a double freeze. This applies to North Korea pulling back on its missile program based on halting further tests, in compliance with major war games by America and South Korea being curtailed.

Reuters reports, “On Monday, North Korea, which sees joint war games between the United States and South Korea as preparations for invasion, raised the stakes by firing an intermediate-range missile over Japan.”

It is equally important that political elites in Japan and South Korea put pressure on America to abide by the wishes of regional nations. Equally, given the perilous situation, both Japan and South Korea should reach out to smooth tensions over disputed areas related to territory and history.

Putin said, Provocations, pressure, and bellicose and offensive rhetoric is the road to nowhere.”

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