Hong Kong demonstrators need to avoid playing into the hands of China

Hong Kong demonstrators need to avoid playing into the hands of China

Kanako Itamae and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The centralized Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is worried about losing power concentration over Hong Kong. Equally, statements emanating out of America and the United Kingdom are angering China. This notably applies to Nancy Pelosi (US House Speaker and member of the Democratic Party) who stated that the mass demonstrations in Hong Kong are “a beautiful sight to behold.” Of course, this is ironic because the same Democratic Party in America is lambasting the Russian Federation for interfering into the internal affairs of America.

However, returning to events in Hong Kong, then increasing signs are showing that the CCP is becoming agitated. In other words, political elites in Beijing are upping the ante against demonstrators in Hong Kong. At the same time, China is notifying the international community that endless mass demonstrations will not be tolerated. Especially if it threatens the economic and political stability of Hong Kong.

Initially, vast swathes of Hong Kong society supported mass demonstrations against the Extradition Bill that was announced by Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong. Yet, since Lam was forced to cave in based on internal pressure in Hong Kong and the hope in China that this would curtail potent grievances, then the opposite is happening. This applies to further mass demonstrations and increasing demands to stop the erosion of democracy.

However, growing discontent and the violent angle that is increasingly emerging alarms the CCP. Of course, the violent angle does exist within a minority of the demonstrators – yet, the worry is that the deep state in China could seek to utilize and manipulate the violent aspect of the ongoing crisis in Hong Kong.

Yang Guang, a spokesperson for the HKMAO (Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office) uttered a stark warning to the demonstrators. He said pointedly, that protestors in Hong Kong must not “mistake restraint for weakness.”

Equally important, the spokesperson for the HKMAO said that Hong Kong was on “the verge of a very dangerous situation.”  

The BBC reports, “Though the bill has now been suspended, demonstrators want it fully withdrawn – and have also been expressing their anger at the police, and demanding an amnesty for protesters accused of rioting.”

Peaceful demonstrators were frustrated by the initial belligerence of Lam because she refused to acknowledge the genuine fears of ordinary Hong Kong citizens. Hence, violence entered the vacuum before Lam was forced to admit to many mistakes.

Despite this, fear persists in Hong Kong and now it appears that the CCP may seek to utilize the deep state and manipulate events on the ground by dividing the protestors. Therefore, it is essential that demonstrators don’t fall into the hands of the CCP. Similarly, vigilance is needed to show possible shenanigans that may be used against ordinary demonstrators based on the role of the deep state that seeks to preserve power concentration.



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