Iran and father only gets 9 years for beheading his daughter

Iran and father gets only 9 years for beheading his daughter

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The oppressive Islamic Republic of Iran arrests women for not covering-up and speaking freely, persecutes Muslim apostates, the Baha’is reside in fear, and females are betrayed by bias within the Sharia legal system. Therefore, the announcement of a father only getting 9 years in prison for beheading his daughter isn’t a shock.

Romina Ashrafi was beheaded by her father because she ran away and moved in with a 28 years old man. Romina, only 14 years old, had suffered beatings often according to the person she ran away to.

The father wasn’t ashamed by the age difference because child marriage happens in Iran. Instead, the father was angry because she went against his authority. Also, according to Bahman Khawri (the 28-year-old man), her father opposed him because he is a Sunni Muslim and not Shia.

Bahman said, “The girl loved me and took refuge with me after her father used to beat her severely every day, affected by his excessive drug addiction, and she asked me to save her from daily torture by marrying her.”

Romina was forced to attend court after being summoned by the police at the request of her father.  She pleaded to the judge not to endanger her life. However, the judge ignored Romina and sent her to her death.

After all, the judiciary knows fully about the problem of honor killings in Iran. Despite this, the judge sent her back to her father.

The Guardian reports, “The sentencing has caused outrage on Iranian social media because it is claimed that in more rural communities such “honor” killings are frequent, and they are implicitly endorsed by the Iranian state.”

This is another case in a long list where the protection of the most vulnerable in society is negated for a warped morality. Thus political opponents, females not covering up and speaking freely, apostates to Christianity, the Baha’is, and others, are all deemed more contemptible than a father who beheads her daughter.


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