Iraq is Paying A Heavy Price for the Destabilization of Syria: UN and Silence

Iraq is Paying A Heavy Price for the Destabilization of Syria: UN and Silence 

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The intrigues of major NATO and Gulf powers have collectively helped al-Qaeda affiliates and a plethora of Sunni Islamist terrorist movements to spread from Iraq to Libya. Indeed, nations like Mali and Tunisia have been dragged into the intrigues of outside nations that only have short-term objectives. Of course, these objectives aren’t noble because just like Afghanistan before and now what is happening in Iraq, Libya, and Syria; it is mass instability and the destabilization of nation states.

Media agencies and human rights affiliated organizations all play their sinister roles alongside international politicians and charities that export terrorism when applied to Libya and Syria. Indeed, before any crisis erupts then the usual spin will utilize “rape,” “genocide,” “cleansing,” “democracy,” “freedom,” and a plethora of other buzz words to spread mass propaganda. Of course, when black Africans were being caged like animals in Libya and brutally murdered by the side being supported by Gulf and NATO powers – just like what happened to Gaddafi loyalists who were systematically butchered – then suddenly collective silence appears on the whole.

Iraq now is in crisis once more, not that frequent sectarian massacres ever disappeared since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein; but clearly the bloodshed is on the rise again. Therefore, Iraq was invaded based on a lie; then the Obama administration decided on pulling out when at last some progress was being made (of course America and Allied forces shouldn’t have invaded in the first place); then the same Obama administration decided on supporting Gulf powers and Turkey in their power grab against secular Syria. The upshot of Obama’s “shadow policy” in supporting feudal Gulf monarchs in Qatar and Saudi Arabia – and the ambitions of Turkey – against secular Syria, is that the entire Levant is now being destabilized and Islamist sectarians now have a plethora of new weapons to use against central authorities in Iraq. In other words, the collective policies of nations like America and the United Kingdom is constantly destabilizing Iraq based on policies that have no clear objectives outside of chaos.

Adnan Al-Assadi, the Deputy Interior Minister of Iraq, made it clear that Islamist sectarians had amassed“numerous and modern” military arms. This reality meant that “They had enough to occupy Baghdad…Their target is not just controlling Fallujah or Garma, it is to topple the entire political process.”

Iraq warned, time after time, that the destabilization of Syria would be detrimental to its own national security. However, like usual, outside powers not only ignored Iraq but they also continued to support sectarianism and terrorism against secular Syria, in the full knowledge that Iraq would face many negative consequences. At the same time, Erdogan, the leader of Turkey, flagrantly ignores the sovereignty of both Iraq and Syria – this applies to ignoring leaders in Baghdad about energy related issues and enabling terrorist and sectarian forces to utilize the border areas of Turkey in order to destabilize Syria. Indeed, NATO Turkey is showing the world that NATO isn’t overtly concerned about al-Qaeda affiliates obtaining military hardware and establishing bases in a NATO country. After all, al-Qaeda affiliates and a plethora of sectarian terrorist groups are doing the bidding of powerful Gulf and Western powers irrespective if this is a short-term marriage of convenience.

Iraq is suffering greatly once more because terrorist and sectarian forces are utilizing their heavy weapons and new found terrorist bases in Syria. Yet the United Nations does zilch against Gulf powers that are openly supporting terrorism and sectarianism – this notably applies to Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Similarly, Turkey should also be held accountable for openly enabling terrorists, sectarians, mercenaries and covert operatives to utilize border areas. Of course, powerful Western nations are much better at covering their tracks and utilizing the mass media and other powerful mechanisms at their disposal.

John Kerry, Secretary of State of the United States, was once more at his manipulative best. He stated, “We will stand with the government of Iraq who push back against (militant) efforts…but it is their fight – that is something we determined some time ago.”

However, Kerry and all Americans know full well that this fight began once America and Allied forces opened up a can of worms in Iraq after overthrowing Saddam Hussein. After being unable to contain the situation in the following years after overthrowing the leader of Iraq, it became clear that some progress was gradually being made prior to the Obama administration agreeing to pull out.  Now, thanks to the intrigues of powerful Gulf powers and Turkey against Syria – along with the intrigues of the Western troika of America, France and the United Kingdom; then the death toll is increasing once more in Iraq and al-Qaeda affiliates and other terrorist and sectarian forces are gaining ground. In other words, outside nations are behind the destabilization of Syria and Iraq because regional powers care zilch about having their proxy wars in both nations. It is utter barbarity on an unimaginable scale and not surprisingly the Christian population is in disarray and Muslims are being butchered based on sectarian factors – and based on the utter barbarity of terrorism that kills all and sundry. After all, market bombs, suicide attacks, car bombings – and so forth, don’t discriminate because they kill innocent civilians irrespective of faith, nationality, age, or sexuality.

In Syria the most brutal terrorist and sectarian forces on the face of this earth are beheading and teaching children to butcher openly. If al-Qaeda affiliates and a plethora of sectarian factions get their way then the Alawites, Christians, Druze and Shia face a bleak future. Similarly, indigenous Sunni Islam is being attacked by Gulf Petrodollars that are spreading Salafi militancy and Takfiri mindsets throughout the Levant and in Iraq. Therefore, the open principles of indigenous Sunni Islam throughout the Levant faces the dark and sinister reality of Gulf Salafi Islam – it is utter barbarity that this is being allowed yet Gulf and Western powers know that they will not be held accountable.

In other words, Iraq is suffering a new hell based on the meddling of outside nations. Meanwhile the United Nations remains muted apart from powerful nations like the Russian Federation that seeks to raise this important issue. Syria of course raises its voice at the United Nations but powerful regional nations and Western powers care zilch. Therefore, Iraq and Syria are collectively being destabilized and Lebanon also faces a serious threat to its sovereignty because Takfiris seek to do the bidding of others.


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