Ireland is on par with poorer nations in the area of allowing Trafficking sites America

Ireland is on par with poorer nations in the area of allowing Trafficking sites America

Chika Mori and Lee Jay Walker 

Modern Tokyo Times

The United States State Department has put on notice that Ireland (the Republic of Ireland) isn’t doing enough to stem modern-day slavery and trafficking. This will not go down well with the political elites in Ireland because it is most embarrassing for a European Union member to be ranked in Tier 2. Therefore, Ireland joins nations like India in Tier 2 after the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report highlighted many important shortcomings in this nation.

Ironically, Ireland deems itself to be a progressive government but the TIP report is extremely damning. Hence, according to the State Department the government of Ireland and the legal system isn’t doing enough to convict individuals – or organizations – that are trafficking people. In other words, the government of Ireland is betraying the most vulnerable in society when it comes to the abuse of labor, sexual exploitation involving the sex trade, and other terrible areas. Equally, institutions are failing people despite the politically correct statements of leading Irish politicians, including Leo Varadkar.

A former TIP ambassador at the United States State Department, Mark Logan, uttered, “It is a credit to the credibility of the US report that the US is willing to be candid about another western advanced market democracy… We have learned that Global North nations like Ireland have permitted ungoverned and grey zones to allow human slavery in fishing to flourish. High-capacity governments must close loopholes permitting gross exploitation.”

Of course, for individuals opposed to mass immigration then they believe that behind the politically correct veneer is a sinister reality. This applies to an endless supply of cheap labor, reducing the rights of the indigenous population, creating conditions of unfair labor competition, and other negative areas. Hence, the TIP analysis by America regarding Ireland is extremely damning.

The Guardian reports, The Immigrant Council of Ireland also called for urgent action from the Irish government to improve its record. Criticism from the Irish high court and from the Council of Europe have already made clear that the Irish systems for supporting victims of trafficking are inadequate, it commented.”

It is hoped that the government of Ireland will take note and implement policies to safeguard individuals who are not only marginalized but often they are invisible.

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