Islamist terrorist attack kills 11 soldiers in Egypt

Islamist terrorist attack kills 11 soldiers in Egypt

Sawako Utsumi and Sawako Uchida

Modern Tokyo Times

Islamists have killed 11 Egyptian soldiers after the security forces tried to prevent a terrorist attack concerning the Suez Canal Zone. The Sinai peninsula in recent years witnessed the increasing control of this important region by the armed forces of Egypt. Therefore, the loss of eleven soldiers is a grim reminder of the threat of terrorist networks in various parts of the Sinai region.

The Islamist threat in the Sinai was much higher several years ago. Also, the latest terrorist attack by Islamist forces was far from their traditional base of launching attacks. Hence, the fear is that the latest attack that killed 11 Egyptian soldiers is the start of fresh terrorist activity.

Two years ago, President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi said, “I take this opportunity to offer the utmost gratitude and appreciation to all the families of the righteous martyrs of Egypt, who embodied the most wonderful examples of courage and sacrifice and performed acts of heroism on which the waves of terrorism and evil have been shattered, allowing for Egypt to enjoy security and stability.”

Voice of America reports, “Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula has been gripped by an armed insurgency for more than a decade, which peaked after the ouster of late Islamist president Mohammed Morsi in 2013.”

Lee Jay Walker says, “Qatar and Turkey continue to support the Muslim Brotherhood in several parts of North Africa and the Levant to the detriment of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and the United Arab Emirates. Hence, the leader of Egypt increased national security after obtaining power and safeguarding the nation from Islamists.”

After the latest terrorist attack, El-Sisi said, “I assure you that those treacherous terrorist operations will not undermine the determination of the sons of this nation and its Armed Forces in uprooting terrorism completely.” 

Al Ahram reports “This is the first major attack of its kind in 2022. Terrorist attacks in the Sinai, especially in the north where they had been concentrated, have declined since 2013 following massive and successive security and Army operations.”

It is hoped that the Egyptian armed forces can crush the Islamist menace.


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