Iran and Ahmadreza Djalali faces the threat of execution

Iran and Ahmadreza Djalali faces the threat of execution

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Islamic Revolution of 1979 continues to kill people deemed the enemies of the theocratic nation-state. Hence, the bloodthirsty nature of the Islamic theocratic state rules by fear in 2022 – just like it did from the start of the revolution over four decades ago.

Reports are expressing the imminent threat to the life of Ahmadreza Djalali. This concerns his planned execution in May or at a later date. Therefore, Sweden – and many human-rights organizations – are expressing deep concern.

It is feared that the Swedish-Iranian national is being caught up in the Hamid Noury affair. Noury was arrested in Sweden and charged with human rights abuses and international war crimes. He is a former prosecution official who served the Islamic Republic of Iran. Therefore, the fear is that Ahmadreza is being used as a pawn by the draconian state apparatus of Iran.

The BBC reports, “The emergency medicine specialist was arrested during a business trip in 2016 and accused of spying for Israel… He was sentenced to death by a Revolutionary Court in Tehran the following year, after what human rights groups called a grossly unfair trial.”

Djalali – like countless others – not only faces the threat of execution since he was condemned to death in 2017 – also faces the enormous psychological impact of the tyranny he faces every day. Thus, the latest report of Djalali facing execution next month – is another enormous burden that he carries every day.

In 2020, Djalali was informed that he would be executed. Hence, he spent many months in solitary confinement in preparation for his death in Iran.

Ann Linde, the Foreign Minister of Sweden, said, “[Sweden] and [the EU] condemn the death penalty and [demand] that Djalali is released.” 

His wife Vida said, “Ahmadreza has always been devoted to helping others; now he is wasting away in prison for nothing. I ask Amnesty International activists around the world to help bring my husband back to his wife and children, and to the academic world.”


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