Islamists Kill Christians in Burkina Faso

Islamists Kill Christians in Burkina Faso

Sawako Utsumi and Sawako Uchida

Modern Tokyo Times

At least 15 Christians were killed in Burkina Faso when suspected Islamists attacked a Catholic church.

Attacks by Islamists against Christians in Burkina Faso, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Mozambique, and several other nations in Africa are all too common. Hence, while people were preparing for Sunday mass, the Islamists were preparing to butcher.

Jean-Pierre Sawadogo (Vicar General of the Catholic Diocese of Dori) said, “We bring to your attention a terrorist attack which the Catholic community of Essakane village was the victim of … while they were gathered for Sunday prayer.”

The terrorist attack took place in the border area of Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger.

The BBC reports, “The authorities have been battling Islamist groups linked to al-Qaeda and Islamic State, which have taken over large swathes of land and displaced millions of people in the Sahel region.”

Millions of people have been uprooted in Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger because of Islamic terrorism – and ongoing insurgencies where Islamists seek the implementation of draconian Islamic Sharia law.

Accordingly, the nations of the Sahel region need international and regional support – rather than condemnation concerning the military’s role in the body politic of Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger.

Lee Jay Walker (Modern Tokyo Times analyst) says, “Several Islamic terrorist groups utilize Libya (North Africa) and Nigeria (West Africa) to spread regional mayhem throughout the Sahel and Lake Chad region. This concerns criminal activity, terrorist networks, weapons, the spreading of Islamist Takfiri ideology, and other dark deeds.”

Christians are easy targets for Islamic terrorists – hence, the endless butchering and persecution of Christians in several nations in Africa.

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