Japan and the United States: Shinzo Abe Scheduled to meet President-elect Donald Trump

Japan and the United States: Shinzo Abe Scheduled to meet President-elect Donald Trump

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The government of Japan is hoping to strengthen ties with America by enhancing an already strong relationship between both nations. Uncertainty abounds about the trade policies of the newly President-elect of America because Donald Trump promises to protect the national interests of America against unfair trade deals. Despite this, the geopolitical angle and longevity of the special relationship between America and Japan are above any single issue.

It is known that Japan initiated the meeting based on the need to forge a new path under the leadership of Trump, greater clarity, and furthering the importance of both nations within the Asia-Pacific and internationally. Also, with possible favorable relations back on the agenda between America and the Russian Federation – and likewise between Japan and the Russian Federation – then a personal touch between Abe and Trump is a win-win despite any possible future disagreements.

Abe is hoping to meet Trump in New York on November 17, in order to start the next phase in relations between both nations. Currently, the date isn’t set in stone but a meeting is scheduled in the coming weeks.

The leader of Japan said, “I’m sure the United States will become a greater country under the extraordinary leadership of incoming President Trump.”

Abe also stressed, “Peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region, which is the center of global economic growth, is a source of U.S. strength. The strong Japan-U.S. alliance is indispensable to supporting peace and stability in the region.”

Trump naturally agreed to a meeting with Abe based on the importance that both nations hold towards each other. It is doubtful that serious issues, for example, possible disagreements over the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal based on free trade will be discussed – after all, Trump and Abe will have plenty of time to debate more serious problems in the future. Despite this, it is positive that an early meeting will take place because Trump seems more sincere when forging personal relations.


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