Japan art and Buddhist monk in the snow

Japan art and Buddhist monk in the snow

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The contemporary Japanese artist Sawako Utsumi adores many angles of art. This notably concerns ideas from European and Japanese artistic angles. Accordingly, Utsumi utilizes her individualist ideas, focuses on past artists, and fuses Buddhism, Christianity, and Shintoism in many art pieces.

In her latest art piece titled “Japanese Buddhist Monk in the Snow,” the homage is to the acclaimed Japanese artist Kawase Hasui (1883-1957). Hasui belongs to the world of Shin-Hanga (New Prints).

However, unlike the original by Hasui, Utsumi alters the dynamics. Accordingly, the fashionable lady by Hasui is replaced by a Buddhist monk walking in the snow at night. Also, the skyline is based on a deep blue setting and not falling snow.

The second art piece pays homage to the esteemed Kamisaka Sekka (1866-1942). Sekka illuminated the world of Rinpa (Rimpa) art. However, Utsumi alters the color dynamics in her art piece titled “Radiant Nightfall Moon in Old Japan” by focusing on a deep blue color scheme and a dramatic moon – compared to the lightness of the original by Sekka.

In the art piece above titled “The desolate Japanese Buddhist path” – Utsumi fuses culture, nature, and Buddhism. Also, despite the Buddhist angle, the fusion of nature and Shinto can be felt from a Japanese perspective.

One can imagine the invisible soul – and the living person – searching for solace in such a lovely landscape. Like quantum entanglement, where dreams of the dearly departed once more meet concerning the mysteries of this world – desolation, mystery, and solace now bring eternal hope through the prism of nature and faith.

Overall, another delightful art piece by Utsumi that is very atmospheric. The religious dynamic of the Buddhist monk and the deep blue skyline work perfectly.


http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/sawako-utsumi.html – Sawako Utsumi and where you can buy her art, postcards, bags, and other products. Also, individuals can contact her for individual requests.




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