Japan Art and Hiroshige: Hakone

Japan Art and Hiroshige: Hakone

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Japanese artist Ando Hiroshige (1797-1858) and other acclaimed ukiyo-e artists inspired international impressionists from Europe and North America. Accordingly, this genre of printmaking is known throughout the world.

All three prints focus on the stunning region of Hakone.

Hakone is blessed with many cultural treasures. On top of this, important Buddhist and Shinto holy places of historical significance bless this lovely part of Japan.

A plethora of stunning views throughout the Hakone region highlight the beauty of Mount Fuji. Hence, with the mountain range of Hakone being stunning – and blessed with lovely rivers and lakes – then similar to Hiroshige’s day, this part of Japan is a place to treasure. This concerns culture, history, nature, religion, tourism, and so forth.

The British Museum says, “He continued to excel at views of famous places throughout his career and managed to express in great detail the poetic sensibility inherent in the climate and topography of Japan and the people who lived there.”

Interestingly, Hiroshige also highlights ordinary working people. Accordingly, people are visiting hot springs for health reasons in the final print.

Ordinary working-class people are also depicted in the second print by Hiroshige.

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