Japan art and Hokusai: Fashion and rivers

Japan art and Hokusai: Fashion and rivers

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) is internationally famous for his delightful art. In this article, the focus is on fashion and river scenes by Hokusai.

The art above is from Hokusai’s Fashionable Six Jewel Rivers series. Nature and fashion come together elegantly. Indeed, the color scheme of the flowers and dress style match stylishly.

The art piece above is the Fuefuki River in the town of Isawa. This town is in Yamanashi Prefecture and during the period of Hokusai it belonged to the Köshü Road.

Hokusai’s landscape is so stunning that it is easy to ignore travelers who are likely to have enjoyed a brief stop. This concerns the restaurants and inns that Hokusai depicts. Therefore, the real world continues to tick despite the adorable landscape and backdrop.

In the art piece above – also part of the Fashionable Six Jewel Rivers series – plovers are flying while two ladies are in deep conversation. Once more, nature and fashion blend naturally in the art of Hokusai in this lovely series of prints.

In the final art piece, people are line-fishing on the Miyato River. The color scheme also fuses naturally based on a feeling of serenity – with the background denoting the abode of people.

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