Tokyo hikes under PM Kishida: Consumer, non-perishable food, and energy

Tokyo hikes under PM Kishida: Consumer, non-perishable food, and energy

Chika Mori and Hiroshi Saito

Modern Tokyo Times

Wages in Japan are static for many people in recent decades. Also, the introduction of hikes in consumption tax affects all people. However, it is felt higher among the poorest in society.

This year witnessed a rare wage increase for many. Yet it is a mirage because basic foodstuffs, utilities, and so forth have all increased at a higher rate. 

NHK reports, “The average real wage, taking inflation into consideration, dropped in September by 1.3 percent from a year earlier. That was the sixth straight month of decrease.”

In Tokyo, consumer prices in 12 months have shot up by 3.6 percent. Prices of non-perishable food have risen by 6.7 percent and energy prices by 24.4 percent in the same timescale. This is the highest increase in four decades and sums up the current government of Japan.

Lee Jay Walker says, “Prime Minister Fumio Kishida implemented sanctions on the Russian Federation during the ongoing economic convulsions from the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis tipping inflation to a higher rate. Despite this and the high ratio of debt – and knowing that people (on the whole) are poorer – Kishida still seeks to double military spending.”

The real cost of living is even higher because the consumer core index excludes fresh food.

Tokyo hikes are a mirror of the problem that exists throughout Japan under Kishida.

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