Japan Art and Koyama Eitatsu (1880-1945)

Japan Art and Koyama Eitatsu (1880-1945)

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Japanese artist Koyama Eitatsu (1880-1945) was born in Tokyo. Unlike his father and grandparents, he was a child of the Meiji Period (1868-1912).

Initially, he studied Western-style art under Honda Kinkichiro (1850-1921). His generation was encouraged to learn different art techniques and styles. This notably concerns the European art scene.

However, similar to Edo artists, Koyama Eitatsu also studied the artistic styles of the schools of Tosa and Kano. Accordingly, these different thought patterns and styles blessed him.

Ukiyo-e prints of war became popular in the Meiji Period. In time, ukiyo-e would become eclipsed.

However, shin hanga (new prints) and sōsaku hanga (creative prints) managed to preserve the world of Japanese prints in the twentieth century: so a connection to the world of ukiyo-e during the Edo Period continued.

Albeit, while the modernization aspect of this did provide a fresh impetus – the broad array of subjects was decreased dramatically (murder to shunga were now a fading memory).

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