Japan Art and L.S. Lowry: Man and Dog (British Working Class)

Japan Art and L.S. Lowry: Man and Dog (British Working Class)

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Sawako Utsumi is a contemporary artist who was born in northern Japan. L.S. Lowry is one of her favorite artists – who inspires several of her artworks.

Her latest art piece is “Lowry’s Man and Dog Through Japanese Eyes.”

The earlier art piece titled “Lowry in Japanese Color, Space, and Time” by Utsumi fuses naturally with her latest art.

In both art pieces, Utsumi alters the color scheme dramatically. Accordingly, the darker aspects of the Industrial Revolution – from indigenous child slavery to long hours of intensive labor and with few rights – focus instead on the warmth of working-class humanity.

The Industrial Revolution utilized indigenous child labor (child slavery) – so much for “privilege” that is endlessly used against the indigenous British in recent times. The Independent media group reports on the findings of Oxford’s Professor Jane Humphries – shocking, but needs to be retold to the younger generation.

The Independent reports, “The new research shows the extent to which Britain’s Industrial Revolution – the first in the world – was initially dependent, as far as the factories were concerned, on what were, in effect, child slaves. They weren’t paid – simply fed and given dormitory accommodation. In the 1790s, there were, at any one time, tens of thousands of such unpaid child workers.”

Utsumi’s art above – the English working-class workhouse through Japanese eyes” – is based on a real photo. These two children lived in a British workhouse in the late nineteenth century.

L.S. Lowry famously said, “If people call me a Sunday painter I’m a Sunday painter who paints every day of the week!”

Utsumi captures the beauty of Lowry’s art through her individualistic thought patterns – impacted and shaped by northern Japan. Accordingly, the lightness of her art – related to Lowry – concerns the inner passion of the working class, who needed great attributes to overcome horrendous working and living conditions.

The final art piece inspired by Lowry – but with enormous changes concerning color, space, and time – is called Lowry in Japanese Bloom.”

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