Japan Art and Sakuichi Fukazawa: New Tokyo (1928-1932)

Japan Art and Sakuichi Fukazawa: New Tokyo (1928-1932)

Lee Jay Walker 

Modern Tokyo Times

Sakuichi Fukazawa (1896–1947) was born during the dynamic Meiji Period (1868-1912) – which altered the social, political, and religious landscape. Accordingly, his generation had greater artistic freedoms than individuals during the Edo Period.

The One Hundred Views of New Tokyo (1928-1932) was completed by several artists – during the early Showa Period. Henceforth, the collective prints by Maekawa Senpan, Un’ichi Hiratsuka, Kawakami Sumio, Koshiro Onchi, Henmi Takashi, Suwa Kanenori, Sakuichi Fukazawa, and Fujimori Shizou work a treat.

The delightful print above is the bustling Shinjuku area. This print also highlights the modernizing features of Tokyo. Accordingly, it is easy to imagine people enjoying the cafe district during lunchtime and after work.

Below is the famous area of Tsukiji. This part of Tokyo is reclaimed land from Tokyo Bay that was boggy. Hence, the land was reclaimed from the Sumida River during the Edo Period.

The Sosaku Hanga (creative prints) art movement inspired Sakuichi Fukazawa.

The British Museum says, “His style is rather abbreviated and lonely, and his cutting and printing technique, according to Onchi (Onchi, 1965, pp. 3-34), unusually soft, shallow and smooth.”

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