South Korea Warns North Korea over Spy Satellite (America and Japan)

South Korea Warns North Korea over Spy Satellite (America and Japan)

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Korean Peninsula remains divided concerning the legacy of Japanese Imperialism and the Cold War. In recent times, the nations of America, China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, and the Russian Federation – all belonging to the geopolitical space of Northeast Asia apart from America geographically – have increased their military capabilities to a level unseen in recent decades.

President Joe Biden of America and President Yoon Suk-yeol of South Korea (earlier this year) agreed to the Washington Declaration. Henceforth, America promises to use nuclear weapons against North Korea if war breaks out on the Korean Peninsula and if North Korea threatens the sovereignty of South Korea.

The BBC said, “Under the deal, the US will make its defense commitments more visible by sending a nuclear-armed submarine to South Korea for the first time in 40 years, along with other assets, including nuclear-capable bombers.”

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan naturally supports America and South Korea. Indeed, Kishida and Yoon have reset the ties between both nations. Hence, from frosty relations to a lack of trust and historical disagreements before Kishida, to positive ties between Japan and South Korea in line with America.

AP reports, “The new nuclear deterrence effort calls for periodically docking U.S. nuclear-armed submarines in South Korea for the first time in decades, bolstering training between the two countries, and more.”


North Korea seeks to launch a military spy satellite after two recent setbacks. Allegedly, the Russian Federation – related to the anti-Russian role of America, Japan, and South Korea concerning events between Ukraine and the Russian Federation – is helping North Korea technologically.

The armed forces of South Korea warned North Korea to desist from launching a spy satellite. If not, South Korea might suspend the agreement between both nations that seeks to reduce military tensions.

Also, South Korea is threatening to re-introduce aerial surveillance along the border of both nations – if North Korea ignores the concerns of South Korea.

Kang Hopil – a high-ranking South Korean military officer – said, “Our military will come up with necessary measures to protect the lives and safety of the people, if North Korea pushes ahead with a military spy satellite launch despite our warning.”

AP reports, “Foreign governments and experts say North Korea is seeking Russian technologies to enhance its nuclear and other military capabilities in return for supplying conventional arms to support Russia’s war in Ukraine. Both Moscow and Pyongyang have dismissed as groundless the alleged arms transfer deal, but both nations — locked in separate, protracted tensions with the United States — have been openly pushing to expand their cooperation in recent months.”

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula are rocky at the best of times. However, the administration of Biden witnessed a sharp upturn in geopolitical tensions with China and the Russian Federation. Therefore, with the current leaders of Japan and South Korea taking anti-Russian Federation stances – and with Japan increasingly involving itself with anti-China statements related to the South China Sea and other issues: the Korean Peninsula is once more reaching a dangerous level.

NHK reports, “South Korea’s presidential office held a meeting of the National Security Council on Monday. Officials confirmed that the country will step up its defense posture. They also agreed that Seoul will engage in necessary coordination with the United States and Japan.”

America, China, and the Russian Federation need to reach out to each other and reduce tensions – this includes the Ukraine and Russian Federation crisis, the Korean Peninsula, the South China Sea, Taiwan, and the militarization of Northeast Asia.

Naturally, the nations of Japan, North Korea, South Korea, and Taiwan need to seek compromises – similar to America, China, and the Russian Federation. If not, the endless militarization of all nations mentioned will continue to spiral. Therefore, sooner or later, a spark might ignite in Northeast Asia.

America (nuclear umbrella covers Japan and South Korea), China, North Korea, and the Russian Federation all have nuclear weapons – and other military capabilities of mass destruction.

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