Japan Art and Shoda Koho: Darkness Descends

Japan Art and Shoda Koho: Darkness Descends

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Shoda Koho created lovely shin hanga (new prints) prints. However, little is known about his life.

He was born in the early period of the modernizing Meiji Period and died shortly after the end of the brutal Pacific War that witnessed so much bloodshed. Therefore, throughout his life, modernity and war were a combined reality that ultimately led to militarism.

Above is a Buddhist priest in the descending darkness. He is striking a bell – with a lovely Buddhist pagoda completing this delightful print.

The scene is one of tranquility. Accordingly, faith and nature fuse naturally together.

The final print focuses on Lake Biwa at night. Two individuals are witnessing the natural beauty of Lake Biwa – and the water is very calm.

His shin hanga prints of acclaim apply to the Taisho and early Showa periods of Japanese history. This is surprising – considering he was born in the early Meiji Period.

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