Japan bows to G-7 instead of focusing on strengthening ties with the Russian Federation

Japan bows to G-7 instead of focusing on strengthening ties with the Russian Federation

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker 

Modern Tokyo Times

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan should not meekly follow G-7 pressure emanating notably from America and the United Kingdom. Hence, it is disheartening that Japan appears to be capitulating to pressure from political elites based in Washington and London. Of course, the main culprit with greater importance is America. However, as usual, the British small tail is wagging in its anti-Russian Federation agenda. Therefore, Abe’s mild approach towards the Russian Federation is unraveling despite no fruit awaiting Japan.

It is known that Japan hopes to solve a protracted territorial problem with the Russian Federation, even if political elites in Moscow don’t see eye-to-eye with the agenda of this nation. Despite this, certain benefits await Japan based on increasing economic projects with the disputed territory claimed by the Russian Federation. On top of this, greater cultural action, certain joint regional political initiatives, joint energy deals, and other positives, are all attainable to a much greater degree.

Equally important, it is known that the Russian Federation is blessed with strong ties with China and India respectively. Another potent element is providing Japan with alternative energy options via the Russian Federation and several nations in Central Asia. Similarly, on the Korean Peninsula, the Russian Federation could become an honest broker, unlike America and China who have vested geopolitical interests. Also, if Japan had strong geopolitical links with the Russian Federation, then it is most unlikely that North Korea would test missiles over the airspace of Northern Japan.

The China economic and geopolitical card is also extremely important for Japan and this equally ties in with the Russian Federation. After all, if Japan is seen to be in the pocket of America then the two main regional powers of China and the Russian Federation will distrust the motives of Japan. Hence, it is high time that Japan gravitates to a more neutral policy towards America, China, and the Russian Federation based on viewing each important issue independently – even if strong overtures to America remain overall when it comes to international issues.

Yet, suddenly the Abe administration is undoing positive measures towards the Russian Federation by finally succumbing to the postures of America, the United Kingdom, and other G-7 nations over the Skripal case – and the recent bombing of Syria by America, France, and the United Kingdom. In other words, two issues that have little importance to Japan is now unraveling positive geopolitical signs with the Russian Federation. This gives further credence that Japan is ignoring its geopolitical reality with China and the Russian Federation based on the whims of America and the wagging tail of the United Kingdom.

Equally galling, it is clear that President Donald Trump of America is treating Japan with little respect. This applies to recent developments between America and North Korea behind the back of Japan. Also, economic sanctions on Japan by America – while appearing more open to listening to other nations – are rendering Abe to be weak and compliant. Hence, Abe’s trip to meet Trump in America is already backfiring and this applies to looking ineffectual. Similarly, by agreeing to the anti-Russian Federation motives of G-7 nations under the auspices of America and the United Kingdom, then suddenly Japan is being viewed with suspicion once more.

Sadly, Japan signed G-7 statements in relation to the Skripal case that specifies, “it is highly likely that the Russian Federation was responsible for the attack and that there is no plausible alternative explanation.” Then, to add insult to injury, Japan also signed a statement about the recent bombing of Syria that supported the “limited, proportionate, and necessary” bombing of this nation. This entails the Trump rhetoric against the Russian Federation that will be seen in a very bad light in this nation.

Hence, Japan is continuing to alienate itself throughout its natural geopolitical area of interest based on being a vassal of America. It was hoped that Abe’s more neutral nuance towards the Russian Federation would have been maintained. However, sadly, once more Japan is shooting itself in the foot and this will lead to further derision in the corridors of power in Beijing and Moscow, in relation to the independence of this nation.

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