Japan encourages non-Asian G7 nations to support Taiwan (China and Russia)

Japan encourages non-Asian G7 nations to support Taiwan (China and Russia)

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The declining importance of G7 nations is being witnessed internationally. Accordingly, the European Union (EU) and G7 collectively can’t destabilize the Russian Federation without facing economic blowback. Therefore, the host nation Japan – encouraged by President Joe Biden of America – is expected to make another anti-China G7 joint statement signed by foreign ministers about Taiwan: however, it merely highlights that Japan seeks non-Asian nations to meddle in the internal affairs of China.

Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and many nations in the Global South aren’t involving themselves in the anti-Russian Federation agenda of G7 and EU nations. However, in Northeast Asia, Japan – more so than South Korea – is aiming its hostile foreign policy at China and the Russian Federation in Northeast Asia. Therefore, President Fumio Kishida of Japan endlessly invites the military armed forces of non-Asian nations to meddle in the region.

G7 nations will reaffirm their pledge to support the stability of Taiwan. Yet only Japan belongs to Asia. Hence, the “colonial legacy” of nations that invaded and exploited other countries in the twentieth century – is alive inside the mindset of the G7.

Kyodo News reports, “A joint statement will be released after their talks, which took place as the major democracies’ unity is being questioned following French President Emmanuel Macron’s call for European countries not to be “followers” of either the United States or China amid their escalating rivalry over Taiwan.”

It is hoped that France will reduce the anti-China statement and support a more nuanced approach to the Taiwan Question.

Kishida is fully aware that America is increasing its military support of Taiwan. However, rather than Japan seeking the diplomatic path, Kishida welcomes the military angle.

ABC News reports, “The U.S. has approved more arms sales to Taiwan, including $619 million worth of munitions for F-16 fighter jets, in a decision likely to be yet another point of friction between the U.S. and China, which claims the island as its own territory.”

The Guardian said: “Joe Biden has said the US would intervene militarily to defend Taiwan if it came under attack from China, in an unusually forceful presidential statement in support of self-governing that drew a defiant response from Beijing.”

Andrey Rudenko, the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, said, “We have taken note of the [Japanese Prime Minister Fumio] Kishida administration’s accelerated implementation of abandoning a policy of peaceful development, which has been professed for many decades, and embarking on a track of fast-tracked militarization. Among the concrete steps along these lines are the holding of large-scale military exercises near Russia’s borders together with non-regional partners, the adoption of an updated version of doctrinal documents in the field of defense and security with a view to creating an attack potential and an unprecedented increase in defense spending.”

The G7 summit will be held in May in the city of Hiroshima (America dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki).

Japan needs to focus on improving ties with Northeast Asian nations rather than inviting outside meddling.

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