Japan Art and Egrets

Japan Art and Egrets

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Kacho-ga art refers to images of birds and flowers in Japan. Accordingly, the esteemed artist Ohara Koson (1877-1945) focused on nature related to animals, birds, flowers, insects, and plants. Therefore, despite also doing other types of art concerning woodblock prints, his art of Kacho-ga notably stands out.

The first and third art pieces of egrets are by Koson (also called Ohara Hōson and Ohara Shōson). During his informative period, he studied under Suzuki Kason (1860–1919).

The art piece above was done by Watanabe Seitei (Shōtei). He was born in 1851 during the late Edo Period and died in the Taisho Period (1912-1926) in 1918.

Seitei was one of the first nihonga artists in the Meiji Period to visit Europe. Hence, Seitei paved the path for future Japanese artists.

The last art piece by Koson witnesses a patient egret at night. Despite the falling rain, the egret remains patient and determined.


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