Japan in anti-China and anti-Russia rhetoric before G7: Arrogant G7

Japan in anti-China and anti-Russia rhetoric before G7: Arrogant G7

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan once more expressed anti-China and anti-Russia rhetoric. Ironically, despite Kishida doubling the military budget and being openly hostile to China and the Russian Federation, he is deemed “dovish.” However, on the contrary, he is part of the G7 war-mongering club that is developing to a higher level under the Democratic Party of America.

Kishida is utilizing the “China card” in Japan to further his political ambitions – and in the knowledge that after three squandered economic decades, then the electorate can’t trust the ruling family political elites of the Liberal Democratic Party to rejuvenate the economy.

The G7 consists of some of the most indebted nations in the world. Ratio-wise, only Venezuela holds more debt than Japan (very embarrassing). Similarly, Italy is a “debt basket case” and even needed financial support from the European Union during the Covid-19 crisis.

America also holds the highest debt of any nation in the world in terms of size. Indeed, America is blighted by another debt crisis. Therefore, with the past invasions of America and allies – Vietnam and Agent Orange to the invasion of Iraq and lies over Weapons of Mass Destruction: the debt and military angle of G7 nations is viewed negatively outside this “old school club.”

Kishida – gaining in popularity with his anti-China and anti-Russia rhetoric – despite real wages being down by 4% from December 2021 to December 2022: once more is playing the “China card” that reverberates more strongly in Japan.

Kishida said, G7 nations will not accept “unilateral attempts by China and Russia to change the status quo by force.”

G7 nations on the coattails of the Biden administration in America are upping the ante against China and Russia to a degree not seen in recent history. Hence, the containment of China – and the increasing involvement of America from the Philippines to sending nuclear submarines and aircraft to South Korea under the Democratic Party – needs to be manipulated via language to justify the military build-up of America and the usual “two allies in East Asia – Japan and South Korea.”

Wang Wenbin, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson of China, said Japan is “obsessed with stoking and creating bloc confrontations, which undermines the interest of the region.”

Andrey Rudenko, the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, said, “We have taken note of the [Japanese Prime Minister Fumio] Kishida administration’s accelerated implementation of abandoning a policy of peaceful development, which has been professed for many decades, and embarking on a track of fast-tracked militarization. Among the concrete steps along these lines are the holding of large-scale military exercises near Russia’s borders together with non-regional partners, the adoption of an updated version of doctrinal documents in the field of defense and security with a view to creating an attack potential and an unprecedented increase in defense spending.”

The nations of Northeast Asia need to build trust instead of the “divisionist dream” of America. Indeed, the late Shinzo Abe sought cordial relations with the Russian Federation. However, Kishida is joining the military arms race in Northeast Asia (despite the dire economic condition of Japan) concerning the containment policies of America aimed at China and the Russian Federation.

Japan is now touting a possible NATO liaison office after being encouraged by the Democratic Party to militarize and involve itself in the Taiwan issue.

NATO brazenly said, “The Indo-Pacific is important for NATO, given that developments in that region can directly affect Euro-Atlantic security.”

Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, warned, the Kishida administration is “rejecting the country’s peaceful development… (and) has embarked on the path of an unprecedented build-up of its military power, including strike potential.” 

Zakharova continued that Japan is “returning to unlimited militarization, which will inevitably provoke new security challenges and exacerbate tensions in the Asia-Pacific region.” 

Kishida is endangering the people of Japan by taking such a hostile policy toward China and the Russian Federation.

America is stoking the fire in Europe and Northeast Asia despite enormous problems at home (100,000 overdose deaths a year, 600,000 homeless, high homicide and crime, endless immigration concerning the weak border, high debt, and other ills).

Japan needs to adopt an approach that neither favors nor follows any non-Asian nations – that seek to meddle in Northeast Asia.

Accordingly, keep the special relationship with America if deemed in the national interest of Japan. However, the containment policies of Kishida aimed at China and the Russian Federation aren’t warranted concerning the welcoming of non-Asian nations to meddle in the regional affairs of Northeast Asia.

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