Japan Art and Maple Trees

Japan Art and Maple Trees

Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Japanese artist Yoshu Chikanobu (Toyohara Chikanobu) creates a lovely scene comprising nature and a joyful family enjoying Maple trees. He was born in the late Edo Period and witnessed the Meiji Restoration.

Chikanobu focused on a plethora of different art subjects. This includes the serenity of nature, gruesome murders, war, kabuki, bijin-ga (beautiful ladies), historical events, and so much more.

The above art piece is by Kono Bairei (1844-1895). He also belongs to the same historical timeframe similar to Chikanobu. However, his stunning art negates the enormous changes of this period.

The British Museum says, “Bairei studied the Maruyama style with Nakajima Raisho (1796-1871) and subsequently, with Raisho’s permission, the Shijo style with Shikawa Bunrin (1808-77). He was instrumental in the founding of the Kyoto Prefecture Painting School (Kyoto-fu Ga-gakko) in 1880… In addition to his various appointments in public art schools, Bairei taught in his private studio many of the leading painters of the fledgling Kyoto Nihonga school.”

The final art piece by Keishu Takeuchi (1861-1942) highlights the beauty of Maple trees and a stylish lady enjoying a serene atmosphere.

Unlike his samurai background, Takeuchi took the artistic and cultural path. He studied drawings under Yoshitoshi Tsukioka and Masanobu Karino.

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