Japan state of emergency lifted in Kyoto, Osaka, and Hyogo

Japan state of emergency lifted in Kyoto, Osaka, and Hyogo

Kanako Mita and Chika Mori 

Modern Tokyo Times

The government of Japan lifted the state of emergency on Hyogo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Hence, 42 out of 47 prefectures in Japan are now free from government restraints.

In truth, the death tolls in the ultra-modern Asian nations of Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan are extremely low. Despite this, measures in Japan have been extremely lax compared with the other three nations. However, with the death toll being 771 in Japan out of a population of 126 million people, the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis could have been much worse.

Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan, is optimistic that the remaining five areas will soon be open to gradual normality. This relates to Hokkaido in the north of Japan and the ring around Tokyo. Therefore, the neighboring prefectures of Chiba, Kanagawa, and Saitama are largely waiting on Tokyo to be given the all-clear.

Abe uttered, “The challenge of creating a new normal is beginning across the country.” 

The tough criteria for lifting the state of emergency means that only Hokkaido, Kanagawa, and Tokyo are just below having the emergency lifted. Hence, the prefectures of Chiba and Saitama are being asked to remain patient because of the interconnections with Tokyo and Kanagawa respectively.

Reuters reports, So far, the western prefectures of Kyoto, Osaka, and Hyogo are averaging at 0.09 infections per 100,000 people, in contrast with 0.59 for Tokyo and surrounding areas and 0.69 for the northern island of Hokkaido, where the emergency also remains intact.”

Overall, it appears that the remaining areas will be free from the state of emergency by next week – or very shortly.



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