Nicaragua deaths from Covid-19: Burials at night and the fog of politics

Nicaragua deaths from Covid-19: Burials at night and the fog of politics

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis in Nicaragua is extremely foggy based on the political angle. Thus, despite the death toll seeming low in Nicaragua, the fear persists that this isn’t the real picture.

Officially, 17 people have died in Nicaragua from coronavirus and the leader is adamant that the crisis is based on false information. Indeed, President Daniel Ortega is aloof about the coronavirus crisis and insists it is business as usual.

However, videos showing nighttime burials by people in special clothing to protect them from coronavirus points in the other direction. On top of this, only a few members can go to a funeral in-line with a coronavirus death. Therefore, it appears that nighttime burials and secrecy equates to admission by stealth.

Comings and goings at the German Nicaraguan hospital in Managua at night hint that something is amiss. This relates to convoys of at least five ambulances at a time followed by hearses.

The Guardian reports, “Unlike other Central American leaders, President Daniel Ortega has consistently downplayed the scale of the coronavirus threat, refusing to impose social-distancing measures and encouraging mass gatherings of supporters. Officials claim the country has seen just a handful of deaths and insist that there is no community transmission.”

If a real crisis is emerging in Nicaragua as it appears, then the blasé approach of Ortega is threatening the nation with a high number of deaths. Hence, given the undercurrents of political tensions, the situation may witness further discontent.

People from Managua could easily spread the coronavirus to other areas because of the approach of the government. Yet, the fog of politics is also problematic when it comes to reporting on Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela irrespective if right-wing or left-wing bias.

For ordinary Nicaraguans the crisis is galling because who can they trust? Is it Ortega who is adamant that the coronavirus crisis doesn’t exist to any degree, or reports and videos highlighting nighttime burials by people in protective clothes?


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