Japan survey says 80 percent of children caught Covid-19 from parents

Japan survey says 80 percent of children caught Covid-19 from parents

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

A minor survey of early findings by the Japan Pediatric Society is providing early indicators about children and the coronavirus (Covid-19). Of course, the initial survey only relates to roughly 300 children – so still in its infancy – but important all the same.

According to this minor survey of a database covering children infected with the coronavirus, then several findings are of interest. Firstly, approximately 80 percent of newborn babies to nineteen-year-olds caught the virus from other family members.

Secondly, and of great significance, 85 percent of infected children didn’t require medical treatment – nor did any die from infections. Information gathered by the Japan Pediatric Society covered children and family members throughout the country.

Thirdly, the main source of infection within the family structure were fathers. Indeed, they were just under double the infection route of mothers. While in 19 other cases either parent was the known source.

This probably connects with a higher number of males working, social activities, and being more prone based on natural factors. For example, more usage of the transport system and mixing outside that also relates to work.

Fourthly, just above 10 percent (32 children) of children caught the coronavirus from daycare facilities, kindergartens, and schools. However, it is important to remember that clusters at any of these facilities can overstate this factor.

Overall, while limited in terms of numbers, important early conclusions can help until this angle is expanded to a much larger size of children.



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