Japan to mark the 75th anniversary of Hiroshima while protected by US nuclear umbrella

Japan to mark the 75th anniversary of Hiroshima while protected by US nuclear umbrella

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The government of Japan will mark the 75-year anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima. Like usual, an extremely solemn reminder of the brutality of war. However, many words relating to joining the United Nations (UN) treaty on banning nuclear weapons are rather insincere.

It goes without saying that America’s nuclear umbrella protects Japan during the worst-case scenario. Equally, with American bases throughout the country – notably in Okinawa – then being protected by one of the two main nuclear powers in the world negates sentiment.

Of course, the horrendous events of 140,000 civilians dying in Hiroshima within the year will always remain a solemn occasion. Equally, cancer-related deaths in Hiroshima and other brutal side effects can never be forgotten.

Yet the conventional carpet-bombing of Tokyo was equally brutal and since World War Two it is conventional wars that are the problem. Of course, the brutality unleashed by Japan against the Chinese and others were equally brutal. After all, in all major wars, no side is innocent nor can claim the high moral ground – this equally applies to the millions of German civilians killed.

Equally, as mentioned already, the fact remains that Japan is protected by America’s nuclear umbrella. Indeed, with China, India, North Korea, and Pakistan all having nuclear weapons – and with the Russian Federation belonging to Northeast Asia – then Japan happens to be in a region where the nuclear angle is potent. Therefore, if America ever became isolationist – and pulled out of the Asia Pacific and Northeast Asia – then Japan might focus on the nuclear option.

Of course, this is conjecture. Yet with an expanding China and the growth of the nuclear angle in Asia – from India and Pakistan to North Korea – then events would change dramatically if America left the region.

Hence nice words about joining the UN treaty on banning nuclear weapons are affordable being under America’s nuclear umbrella. However, it is table dressing because the current reality is different.

The Mayor of Hiroshima, Matsui Kazumi, will speak in a solemn voice and the remaining survivors of the brutal nuclear bombing will listen with deep emotions. Yet, the cold reality is that Japan is in a position to declare anti-nuclear words because of the luxury of being protected by America’s nuclear umbrella.

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