Japanese Art with Ronin Gallery in New York: Edo Art to Contemporary

Japanese Art with Ronin Gallery in New York: Edo Art to Contemporary

Tomoko Hara and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The rich traditions of Japanese art during the Edo period to contemporary artists can be viewed at the Ronin Gallery in New York. Equally appealing, the Ronin Gallery utilizes modern technology therefore adorable art can easily be viewed online. In other words, individuals are spoilt for choice because people can visit the Ronin Gallery in leafy New York, or people can check the latest exhibitions online.

Individuals who adore Japanese art will know about the fluctuations of art movements in this nation. From the floating world of ukiyo-e to the impact of Song Dynasty art emanating from China that still influenced Edo artists despite the huge gap in history. Similarly, the Meiji Restoration of 1868 would open up a new art world for indigenous artists because now various Western art movements would be in reach. Indeed, by the late 19th and early 20th century many powerful Japanese artists would expand their trade in major European cities. This notably, but not solely, applies to the power of Paris. In time this created new ideas and enabled cultural fusions to emerge within the artwork of some notable Japanese artists.


Similarly, Japan would witness times of opening up to the outside world in the twentieth century to times of nationalism and political interference. Despite this, nothing remained static and this applies to artists focusing on contemporary themes, while others utilized the best of the old world, for example bijinga.

Therefore, the Ronin Gallery focuses on a very broad spectrum of Japanese and East Asian art. However, true to the nature of the Ronin Gallery then this is done in both a sophisticated way and in a very user-friendly way. This equally applies to exhibitions within the Ronin Gallery and in relation to online areas based on a very innovative approach.


The Ronin Gallery comments: “Over the past 40 years we have traveled to over 150 countries on five continents to collect rare and unique art to bring to the market. We have an extensive network of collectors, artists and international dealers, as well as a long track record of successfully introducing our clients to the best of Japanese and emerging East Asian arts. It has been our pleasure and joy to help our clientele, whether first time buyers or revered art institutions, build “collections, rather than accumulations,” of artwork.”

In truth, the Ronin Gallery focuses on a broad spectrum of areas in relation to Japanese and East Asian art. On top of this, the Ronin Gallery is home to the largest collection of 17th – 21st century Japanese prints for sale in the United States.”

Individuals in New York and tourists to this vibrant city can escape the madding crowds by inhaling a lovely cultural experience by visiting the Ronin Gallery. Alternatively, people can view this delightful gallery online in order to connect with the rich artistic and cultural traditions of Japan and East Asia. Similarly, people can buy Japanese prints for sale and obtain a wealth of information about art emanating from the land of the rising sun.


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