Mali mutiny is morphing into a coup after Political leaders held

Mali mutiny is morphing into a coup after Political leaders held

Sawako Uchida and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Since the June 5 Movement occurred in Mali endless protests have hit the capital. Indeed, even when ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) sought political dialogue, opposition forces refused to relent. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that the mutiny now appears to have morphed into a coup.

Calls for President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita and his government to resign have been ongoing in recent months. This is based on the economic malaise, ethnic massacres, the inability to contain the Sunni Islamist insurgency, political cronyism, and a fraying state that seems unable to fulfill the desires of the people of Mali.

Keita, Prime Minister Boubou Cissé, and other senior officials are currently being detained by mutineers in a military camp in close proximity to Bamako. Thus a coup his happening and on the streets of the capital Bamako jubilation can be heard by a small number of ordinary people.

The BBC reports, “There has been anger among troops about pay and over a continuing conflict with jihadists – as well as widespread discontent with President Keïta.”

The same military Kati camp where the leaders of Mali are being held is similar to 2012 when a mutiny broke out. At that time, the army became disillusioned based on being unable to stem Tuareg rebels and Sunni Islamists in the northern parts of Mali.

ECOWAS uttered, “This mutiny comes at a time when, for several months now, Ecowas has been taking initiatives and conducting mediation efforts with all the Malian parties.”

The Sahel is extremely fragile and France will be monitoring events closely along with ECOWAS. Therefore, the people of Mali are waiting to hear the demands of military personnel who are holding the leaders of this country.

Equally, for France and regional nations seeking to curb various Sunni Islamist forces that blight the Sahel, the fear is that a vacuum may encourage further chaos in parts of the country that are already fragile.


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