Mozambique army faces new attack by Sunni Islamists: Tanzania is concerned

Mozambique army faces new attack by Sunni Islamists: Tanzania is concerned

Chika Mori and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The armed forces of Mozambique continue to face fresh attacks by Sunni Islamists in northern parts of this nation. Recently, the government of Tanzania sent military reinforcements to border areas. However, the internal crisis is showing no signs of abating. Therefore, regional nations including South Africa and Tanzania are monitoring the crisis.

Fresh massacres in the province of Cabo Delgado is naturally unsettling locals who fear being abandoned by the central government. Hence, with each new town raising the flag of Islamic Jihad then local citizens fear more killings.

The latest town to be attacked is Macomia in the province of Cabo Delgado. Approximately 90 Sunni Islamists quickly overran Macomia and in a short time, further terrorists reinforced the town.

It is known that the Dyck Advisory Group, a private security group based in South Africa, is supporting the armed forces of Mozambique. This in itself is a sign that the government of Mozambique is under enormous stress.

Tanzania is extremely worried that events may spiral just like Boko Haram destabilized neighboring countries to Nigeria. Hence, military reinforcements by the armed forces of Tanzania are trying to stem any possible terrorist ratlines. However, if the crisis continues to spiral in northern Mozambique, the chance of regional deployment will increase.

In a past article, the Modern Tokyo Times reported, One only needs to look at how Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria mushroomed and spread its terrorism to neighboring nations. For example, market bombings and terrorist attacks in Cameroon, Chad, and Niger. This ultimately led to neighboring nations helping Nigeria. However, the Sunni Islamist insurgency that began in Northern Nigeria is continuing to spread carnage internally and externally, despite recent setbacks in the region of Lake Chad.”

The BBC uttered, Analysts believe Tanzania’s engagement could be key in ending the insurgency; there have been reports that some militants are Swahili speakers, suggesting they could have connections with Tanzania.”

Overall, the armed forces of Mozambique, the Dyck Advisory Group, and local communities in northern Mozambique must work together in various forms. Thus central government authority must re-engage with local communities. Similarly, greater military logistical support is essential.

Equally, if Mozambique feels overstretched then regional support might be needed to stem the Sunni Islamist insurgency. This notably applies to South Africa and Tanzania.


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