One Million Covid-19 deaths and infections remain high

One Million Covid-19 deaths and infections remain high

Kanako Mita and Sawako Uchida

Modern Tokyo Times

The international coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis is now responsible for one million confirmed deaths. In truth, the real figure is likely much higher. Therefore, the return to normal is far away because deaths and infections blight countless nations.

The one area that provides hope is that more is now known about the virus. Hence, various steroids, a mixture of antivirals, facemasks to reduce the viral load when people become infected – and other important areas – are all helping to reduce the death rate.

In terms of deaths, the worst-hit nations are America 209,194; Brazil 141,441; India 94,559; Mexico 76,234; the United Kingdom 41,971; Italy 35,818; Peru 32,142; France 31;700; Spain 31,232; Iran 25,589; and Colombia 25,296.

Deaths per million provide a clearer indicator of the severity of the coronavirus crisis. Thus the numbers in the above-named nations are Peru 972, Spain 668, Brazil 664, America 631, the United Kingdom 617, Italy 593, Mexico 590, Colombia 496, France 485, Iran 304, and India 68.

At the University of Minnesota (Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy), this institution published information about the importance of decreasing viral loads. This relates to the reduction of the death rate and the usage of intensive care units.

This university stated, “The authors concluded that the downward trend in viral load may indicate that the pandemic is becoming less severe, implementation of physical distancing and lockdowns may have decreased overall exposure to the coronavirus, and analyzing viral loads over time may be a good way to assess pandemic progress.”

Of course, more research is needed and this also applies to various areas that are currently being studied by international specialists. However, more knowledge and changing treatment is providing hope. World coronavirus statistics


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