Pakistan Terrorist Attack Aimed at Japanese Nationals

Pakistan Terrorist Attack Aimed at Japanese Nationals

Sawako Utsumi and Murad Makhmudov

Modern Tokyo Times

Terrorists in Karachi targeted Japanese nationals while on their way to work. However, the suspected Islamist attack failed to kill any of the five Japanese nationals – despite one being injured.

Azfar Mahesar (Karachi Police – Deputy Inspector General) said, “One terrorist came close to the van and blew himself while another fired at it.”

The government of Pakistan does its utmost to protect foreign workers. However, with enormous volatility in Afghanistan – and restive forces inside Pakistan and Iran respectively – it is impossible to guarantee complete security.

Several bystanders and a brave security guard were injured in the terrorist attack.

The Japanese nationals were on their way to work in the Landi Economic Zone in Karachi. Accordingly, security guards were on hand to protect the workers.

Pakistan is bedeviled by Islamic terrorist groups throughout various parts of the country. Also, nationalists in Baluchistan (Balochistan) clash with Pakistan security forces – while also aiming attacks against Chinese nationals. This relates to China and Pakistan exploiting the natural resources of Baluchistan.

Reuters reports, “Islamist militants seeking to overthrow the government and set up their own strict brand of Islamic rule have launched some of Pakistan’s bloodiest attacks during the last few years, with some separatist groups targeting foreigners, including Chinese.”

Voice of America reports, “The violence came a day after militants ambushed and killed six customs officers in the turbulent Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.”

Lee Jay Walker says, “Pakistan lost approximately 1,000 people to countless terrorist attacks last year. Also, the nation faces political instability and severe economic problems. Therefore, terrorist forces attack foreign nationals in the hope of hindering the nation-state of Pakistan.” Modern Tokyo Times – International News and Japan News – Sawako Utsumi and her website – Modern Tokyo Times artist Modern Tokyo News – Tokyo News and International News