Potent weather systems to hit parts of Japan

Potent weather systems to hit parts of Japan

Kanako Mita and Chika Mori

Modern Tokyo Times

The government of Japan is warning people that two potent weather systems are threatening parts of the country. This applies to Southwest and West Japan. Therefore, local governments have been put on high alert and to monitor the situation.

Typhoon Maysak hit Okinawa first and is now on its way to the environs of Kyushu. Meanwhile, a tropical storm is threatening to hit Western Japan during the same period. Hence, many local governments are monitoring the situation in areas threatened.

It is believed that the typhoon will continue to gather in strength by late Wednesday and early Thursday, in the environs of Kyushu. People in Kumamoto are fearing the worst because many people perished from heavy downpours in July.

Western parts of Japan are also bracing for a tropical storm; which will hit the country during the same timeframe. If so, the fear is that horrendous rainfall will swell rivers and mudslides may also occur.

On September 2, the Japan Meteorological Agency warned about the typhoon heading for Southwest Japan. This agency said, “There is a chance of extensive widespread damage. Pay attention to weather information, and take early action to save lives.”

Hence, with heatstroke deaths mounting in Tokyo and other parts of Japan; the country also faces the threat of dangerous weather systems. Meanwhile, the economy is facing an enormous fallout from the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.


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