Saudi Arabia and ISIS Mirror: Shia Religious Leader Sentenced to Death

Saudi Arabia and ISIS Mirror: Shia Religious Leader Sentenced to Death

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


If you want to view the real mirror of ISIS (IS – Islamic State) then look no further than the religious apartheid state of Saudi Arabia. After all, this nation supports systematic anti non-Muslim and anti-Shia legislation. Indeed, not one Buddhist temple, Hindu temple or Christian church is tolerated in the most draconian nation on the face of this earth. Therefore, while ISIS beheads and destroys openly in Iraq and Syria, the mirror of this Takfiri hatred is beating loudly within Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states like Qatar.

In truth, the ISIS barbarity being witnessed in Iraq and Syria could never had materialized without the intrigues of Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and NATO Turkey that is taking all the wrong turns under Erdogan. Sadly, Western nations like America, France, and the United Kingdom, have played along with this Takfiri demon being propagated by Gulf petrodollars and the regional ambitions of Turkey.

Alawites, Shia Muslims, various Christian groups, the Yazidis and the Shabaks are all threatened by the Takfiri virus throughout Iraq and Syria. At the same time, in Saudi Arabia the Shia community faces systematic persecution and apostates to Buddhism and Christianity (or any other non-Muslim faith) face the death penalty in the land of Mecca and Medina. Despite this, Eastern and Western nations are selling their collective souls to Gulf petrodollars based on greed and mass hypocrisy.

Therefore, when a legalized court in Saudi Arabia announced the death penalty against the holy Shia cleric named Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Namir last year, then this reality only confirms the mirror of ISIS within the Takfiri mindsets of this nation.

Interestingly, the very nations that condemn the mass beheadings of ISIS in Iraq and Syria will mainly fall silent about the reality facing Sheikh Nimr in 2015. This applies to Sheikh Nimr who faces being beheaded and then having his body displayed just like the barbarians within ISIS do openly in parts of Iraq and Syria.

The BBC reports: “A statement by the cleric’s family described the verdict as “discretionary”, saying the judge had the option of imposing a lighter sentence, according to the Associated Press. It also warned that the trial had been “political” and had set a “dangerous precedent for decades to come.”

The BBC continued by stating: “When Sheikh Nimr, who holds the rank of ayatollah, went on trial in March 2013 prosecutors called for his execution by “crucifixion”, a punishment which in Saudi Arabia involves beheading followed by public display of the decapitated body. “

Ironically, the so-called defender of the “free world,” the United States, is now involved in a bombing campaign against ISIS based on the involvement of nations like Saudi Arabia. In other words, President Obama is in league with the same Gulf powers that are spreading Takfiri hatred far and wide. While at the same time, Saudi Arabia is oppressing the Shia internally and the same applies to persecuting all non-Muslims in the land of institutionalized hatred based on Sharia law.

However, you can’t tackle the barbarians of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, when the real head of this barbarity is based throughout the Gulf. This equally applies to the intrigues of Gulf powers in spreading sectarianism. The same applies to modern day Turkey based on the power and influence of Erdogan.

Sheikh Nimr spoke out against the Saudi regime but can anyone deny that he is wrong in stating openly that the Shia face systematic persecution? Can anyone also deny that Sheikh Nimr is wrong in highlighting the rampant poverty of the Eastern Province region of Saudi Arabia whereby the regions wealth is being exploited by Riyadh?


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This article by Modern Tokyo Times is being republished because of the need to keep this issue in the limelight because of the severity of the crisis.

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