Tokyo Fashion and Lifestyle in Kichijoji: Lovely Environment

Tokyo Fashion and Lifestyle in Kichijoji: Lovely Environment

Sarah Deschamps and Kanako Itamae 

Modern Tokyo Times


Tokyo lifestyle provides a wealth of different options that appeal to different individuals. The district of Kichijoji is one of many lovely places to reside in Tokyo. This is based on this delightful area being blessed with a lovely fashion district and a plethora of places to relax. Therefore, this part of Tokyo is known for its huge pulling power because Kichijoji appeals greatly to many Tokyoites and expatriates.


In many ways the feel to Kichijoji resembles the lifestyle of Shimokitazawa, Daikanyama and Jiyugaoka. Of course, each district is very different with regards to design, layout, options available, and so forth. However, the fashion angle and independent feel certainly shares a similar background.


Likewise, these districts are far from the madding crowds of Harajuku, Ikebukuro, Omotesando, Shibuya and Shinjuku. Therefore, you have a certain “community spirit” that still survives along with all the trappings of modernity. Also, with these fashionable and trendy areas being smaller in size then people can relax and enjoy the respective environments of Kichijoji, Shimokitazawa, Daikanyama and Jiyugaoka – and other similar districts like Nakano.


Indeed, the lovely layout of Kichijoji means that people can relax while enjoying the ample shopping options that are provided in abundance. Not surprisingly, independent boutique stores, mainstream fashion angle and other fashion trends appeal greatly to Tokyoites. Therefore, fashion lovers from all over this mega-city visit Kichijoji. Similarly, you have many nice café bars, restaurants and places to visit in order to enjoy the refined nightlife in this buzzing district.


Inokashira Koen (park) is also a real gem because this part of Kichijoji is great for relaxing and thinking about the finer things in life. This adorable park appeals to friends, romantic couples, families, individuals, office workers and a whole array of individuals. Also, Inokashira Koen works elegantly with the quaint alleyways and independent stores selling unique products.


The nightlife of Kichijoji is also vibrant and attracts people who adore music. Therefore, you have many places to enjoy live house, blues bars, jazz kissa (jazz coffee shops) and so much more. Kichijoji is known for the musical angle and this spark also enhances the lovely vibe about this part of Tokyo.


When everything is considered it is clear that the lifestyle of Kichijoji appeals to people of all age groups. Also, this vibrant district is blessed with a lovely fashion and musical angle that is extremely appealing. The central location area is busy because of department stores and boutiques. However, this soon changes when you walk around the alleyways and explore the many features of Kichijoji whereby people can relax at the pace they desire. Overall, Kichijoji is a fantastic place to reside and likewise it is a great place to visit.

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