Sunni Islamists kill babies and mourners in hospital and funeral attack in Afghanistan

Sunni Islamists kill babies and mourners in hospital and funeral attack in Afghanistan

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker 

Modern Tokyo Times

The depravity of Sunni Islamists is boundless thus the dual attack in Afghanistan is a way of life. Internationally, this includes raping and enslaving the Yazidis; putting Alawite women in cages; butchering the Shia; attacking Christians and beheading pastors; destroying Sufi shrines; killing Buddhist monks; to countless terrorist attacks in various nations in Africa and Asia. Therefore, the latest Sunni Islamist terrorist attacks in Afghanistan against a hospital and a funeral procession is shockingly familiar.

It is known that Sunni Islamist terrorists entered a hospital in Kabul that also contained a maternity clinic. While this tragedy was unfolding a funeral procession was attacked by the same Islamist sword that resulted in the deaths of at least 24 people. Meanwhile, two newborn babies were killed in the hospital alongside at least 14 people.

The Guardian reports, “The attack targeting the most vulnerable of civilians, including children just hours old and exhausted new mothers, caused a wave of horror and revulsion.”

Astonishingly, often during Ramadan, the same Sunni Islamist terrorists increase their passion to kill. Hence, recent terrorist attacks in the Sinai (Egypt), Iraq, Northern Mozambique, and other nations. Therefore, several national governments are on heightened alert.

One doctor, in utter shock, told Tolo television in Afghanistan,Four mothers were killed in the room, two were in a safe room and survived. It was a devastating scene.” 

In the other terrorist attack, the BBC reports, “The Islamic State (IS) group said it was behind the attack on a police commander’s funeral in Nangarhar, in the east of the country. It is still not clear who carried out the attack on the hospital, and the Taliban have denied any involvement.”

The funeral attack was a suicide bombing – while the hospital attack was terrorists dressed up in the disguise of being police officers. If Special Forces hadn’t responded quickly then the death toll would have been even higher. Therefore, approximately 100 females and young children were rescued in the hospital attack.

It remains to be seen how peace talks can survive the ongoing carnage in Afghanistan.


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