PM Abe of Japan to fast track virus-related drugs in the fight against coronavirus

PM Abe of Japan to fast track virus-related drugs in the fight against coronavirus

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker 

Modern Tokyo Times

The highly developed nations of Asia have largely avoided the horrendous death tolls of other parts of the World. Hence, the death toll remains low in Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. However, unlike the other three nations, it is clear that Japan is struggling more to contain the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.

Of course, the nature of coronavirus means that the situation can change negatively within days. Indeed, a recent outbreak in South Korea in the nightclub and adult meeting area of Seoul witnessed a fresh outbreak.

Similarly, coronavirus cases have broken out in cramped migrant dormitories that highlight a hidden side of Singapore. Therefore, the struggle to contain coronavirus is relentless.

Equally important, for nations overcoming the crisis after decreasing deaths and infections, the gradual return to normal is fraught with danger. Thus all nations have different angles to weigh up and how to kick start the economy.

At the same time, nations need to find a combination of drugs and antivirals that work in a dual approach. This relates to a higher rate of survival and quicker treatment time to release the burden on the health care system. Therefore, Japan is to fast track virus-related drugs based on this dual approach against coronavirus.

The government fast-tracked Remdesivir and high hopes exist for Avigan to be approved by the end of May. Indeed, the anti-viral drug Avigan is being touted by Japan to help other nations. Also, the leader of Japan supports the international approach in trying to find a credible vaccine even if this takes time.

In March, the Modern Tokyo Times uttered, Avigan is an anti-flu drug while Futhan relates to anti-pancreatitis. Currently, more reports are focused on Avigan. However, with the seriousness of coronavirus being extremely variable – from minor to the cause of death – then different drugs or combinations will depend on respective circumstances.”

Overall, despite the estrange nature of coronavirus in Japan – from seeming contained and then erupting again to a higher level – more positive signs are emerging with decreasing infections. Equally, the slow approach to the coronavirus crisis is also being ramped up and this also applies to the economic angle. Therefore, it is hoped that the medical side will further strengthen Japan in its fight against coronavirus.


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