The Pope welcomes Sunni migrants while Sunni Islamists seek to cleanse Egypt, Iraq, and Syria of Christians

The Pope welcomes Sunni migrants while Sunni Islamists seek to cleanse Egypt, Iraq, and Syria of Christians

Sawako Uchida and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The current Roman Catholic Pope who hails from South America is adamant that millions of Sunni Muslim migrants – usually economic – should be welcomed with open arms by European nations. At the same time, Sunni Islamist terrorist attacks in Europe and Islamist ghettoes are growing throughout major European cities. More alarming, while the Pope welcomes millions of Sunni Muslims, the same Sunni Islamist faith is intent on erasing Christianity in Egypt, Iraq, Libya (Coptic Christian migrants have been beheaded in Libya and black African Christians face modern day Arab Muslim slavery), Syria, and other parts of the Middle East and North Africa. Of course, the same reality applies to other parts of the world, for example, Northern Nigeria and Somalia (all apostates face death at the hands of Al-Shabaab and they face state institutional discrimination).

Equally disturbing, the Christian religion and all non-Muslim faiths are banned in Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, non-Muslim males in several Muslim dominated nations face prison or the death penalty for marrying Muslim females based on the apartheid Sharia Islamic legal system. Despite this, the Pope doesn’t believe that the persecuted Alawites, Alevis, Christians, Shabaks, and Yazidis should be given priority over endless Sunni Muslim migrants. Also, the same Pope isn’t lambasting institutional Sunni Muslim discrimination in parts of the Muslim world that persecutes based on Islamic Sharia law and the Hadiths.

In other words, the one world Sunni Muslim civilizational war that is being waged against Christians in countless nations – and equally aimed at crushing Shia Islam and other non-Muslim faiths including Buddhism and the Yazidi faith – is being abetted by stealth in the corridors of power in several European nations and by the Sunni Islamist friendly Pope. Ironically, just when the Christian faith needs strong leadership based on the growing Sunni Islamic reality in the heart of Europe and the increasing reality of militant secularism, instead Europeans get the Pope and the Church of England (and other Christian denominations) that are intent on playing the “Muslim card.” Indeed, the Muslim Brotherhood and the dream of Saudi Arabia and Turkey of Islamizing parts of Europe can have no better religious friend than the current Pope.

Even when the Pope went to Bangladesh and Myanmar he failed to mention the plight of Buddhists and Hindus throughout history and the ongoing reality of mass Bengali Muslim migration that is overwhelming indigenous Buddhists and Hindus in the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh. Likewise, in Rakhine, it seems that the deaths of Buddhists, Hindus, the Mro, and others, in this part of Myanmar don’t count to the current Pope – and the same applies to other Christian denominations and the mass media.

In the last few days, Sunni Islamists have killed Christians in Egypt, Northern Nigeria, and Pakistan. Of course, it is difficult to kill Buddhists and Christians in nations like Afghanistan, Somalia, and Yemen because while Muslims are killing each other in all these nations – they all share another common passion and this is banning Buddhism, Christianity, and other non-Muslim faiths. Despite this, and the apartheid reality of Islamic Sharia law, it seems that the Pope is intent on covering-up this fact. Of course, the same applies to Western mass media outlets, the politically correct agenda, and lefty educationalists that gloss over Sunni Islamist hatred of “the other.”

Overall, enormous demographic shifts that favor Sunni Islam in many major European cities is happening. In the opposite direction, various indigenous Christian sects face endless persecution at the hands of Sunni Islamists in Egypt, Iraq, and Syria. Yet, the Pope and other powerful Christian church leaders are still telling European nationals to accept millions of Sunni Muslim migrants despite the reality of history – the growing menace of Sunni Islamic terrorism throughout Europe – and the sizeable numbers of Sunni Muslims who support Sharia Islamic law in several European nations over secular law. Hence, it seems that the Muslim Brotherhood, the dreams of President Erdogan in Turkey, and contemporary Saudi Arabia all have a most favorable religious leader in the current Pope.

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