The United Kingdom and Brexit: President Macron of France says, “The door remains open”

The United Kingdom and Brexit: President Macron of France says, “The door remains open” 

Chika Mori and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The new leader of France, President Emmanuel Macron, is making it known that the United Kingdom (UK) can still remain within the European Union (EU). Of course, this is based on the current government of the UK annulling Brexit. Therefore, while it appears most unlikely, it will further put pressure on the weakened leader of the UK.

Theresa May, the leader of the UK, had hoped to obtain a powerful mandate from the people of this nation during the recent election. Yet, despite the Conservative Party (CP) remaining the largest party after the election result was announced, the result was a visible shock for May. This is based on the CP not only losing its slim majority prior to the election but also ending up without reaching the majority fresh hold.

In other words, while the meteoric rise of Macron is ongoing in France, the leader of the UK is going in the opposite direction. Given this reality, the strong image of May is in tatters and the same can be said of her negotiating power with the EU over the serious issue of Brexit.

France, just like Germany, is now putting pressure on the UK by stealth based on the perceived weakness of May. Of course, words by Macron are very delicate but the nuance is much bigger than the words he is using. This will further put pressure on May and all major political parties who seek a soft Brexit – and colleagues within her own CP opposed to Brexit or who seek a softer approach.

Macron, after meeting May, said, Of course the door remains open, always open until the Brexit negotiations come to an end.”

The leader of France said he fully respects the decision made by the British people, in relation to pulling out of the EU. Macron equally noted gently that it wasn’t his business to say if the government of the UK should reconsider Brexit.

Yet, the nuance again is that the door is still open because France and Germany are willing to take a new approach towards Brexit – if the British government decides. Of course, the leader of the UK will note the gentle pressure being put on her by leading members of the EU. At the same, opposition parties in the UK and members opposed to a hard Brexit within the CP will be encouraged by Macron.

Macron said, …until the negotiations come to an end, of course there is always the possibility to re-open the door.”

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