Grenfell Tower Blaze in London kills at least 12 People

Grenfell Tower Blaze in London kills at least 12 People

Sawako Uchida and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Devastation struck west London after a brutal fire blaze hit Grenfell Tower in North Kensington. It is known that twelve people have perished but this figure may further increase. Therefore, people in the vicinity of Grenfell Tower are in complete shock and bewilderment.

Firefighters responded rapidly upon hearing about a major blaze in North Kensington. Hence, current reports stress that 65 individuals were rescued by firefighters. Yet, tragically, the speed of the blaze was rapid and beyond recall for people trapped by the brutal blaze.

Six hospitals responded to the emergency in London. Currently, 18 individuals remain in critical condition. According to witnesses, some residents in fear and shock were holding children by the window in the hope of help.

Reuters reports, A blaze engulfed a 24-story housing block in central London on Wednesday, trapping residents as they slept and killing at least 12 people in an inferno that the fire brigade said was unprecedented in its scale and speed.”

The Metropolitan Police provided grim news because they believe that all unaccounted individuals will have perished. In other words, Commander Stuart Cundy is indicating that no new survivors will be found.

Cundy said, “This is going to be a long and complex recovery operation and I do anticipate that the number of fatalities will sadly increase beyond those 12.” 

Currently, it is too early to speculate what caused the inferno but it is known that safety issues have constantly been ushered about Grenfell Tower. Indeed, Grenfell Action Group had warned the local council – and others – that Grenfell Tower was at severe risk of a major fire. On top of this, issues related to emergency access for vehicles that faced major restrictions were raised in the past. Therefore, anger is likely to grow once the final dead body is taken out of Grenfell Tower.


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