Tokyo News: Majority support Olympics to be canceled or postponed

Tokyo News: Majority support Olympics to be canceled or postponed

Kanako Mita and Noriko Watanabe

Modern Tokyo Times

According to a survey by NHK, the majority of people support the Olympic Games and Paralympics to be postponed once more – or canceled outright. This latest survey highlights the struggle ahead for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in staging a popular event.

Of course, to be fair to Tokyo, the current international coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis entails that most major cities hit by the virus would largely be negative. After all, local and central governments all over the world should be focused on supporting communities during the ongoing pandemic.

Equally important, the Olympic Committee usually picks modern international cities that don’t need the games in the first place. Hence, the infrastructure of London to Tokyo – and other major cities picked to host the games – don’t need more prestige. Instead, cities that need economic development and a fresh lease of life should be chosen.

The NHK poll highlights that 32 percent support the games to be canceled fully. Meanwhile, another 31 percent said the games should be postponed once more because of the continuing coronavirus crisis. Therefore, at least 63 percent of all people polled were negative to the games being held next year.

Overall, the latest poll indicates that waning interest is happening because of the longevity of the coronavirus. Also, it is known that Tokyo is struggling with debt being generated by the convulsions of the coronavirus. Similarly, priority to the games under the prevailing conditions is far from the minds of the majority of citizens.

However, like hinted already, most individuals throughout the world would have a waning interest based on the international nature of the coronavirus crisis. Hence, it will be an uphill struggle for the Tokyo local government to generate enormous enthusiasm towards the Olympic Games and Paralympics.


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